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Agience Oy Ltd » what hairstyle wigs do you want to take?

How many wigs do you need to pack? what hairstyle do you want to take?

Longer hairstyles, such as long hair with a centre part or a layered bob, will be harder to pack. You may want to consider buying two ombre human hair wigs of the same hairstyle for your trip if they are long enough so that if one gets damaged, you have a spare.

However, if you want to have a wonderful, I really suggest taking more wigs, the different wigs can be suitable with more clothes to make yourself be more attractive.


West Kiss Hair wigs have a variety of types for black women, such as lace front wigs, headband wigs, lace part wigs, u part wigs, v part wigs, short bob wigs, HD lace wigs in any style and color for your choice.

Short hair like a bob lace wig is easier to pack because in general, the shorter the hairstyle of the wig on the head, the smaller it is. A long bob will be harder than a bob wig with bangs. So, if you plan to travel with short hair, then take quite a few short hair wigs with you just in case one of them gets damaged during transportation.

What Are Wig Care Products and Tools To Consider Bringing?

A wide-tooth comb: remember to gently brush your wig after every time you use it and before you put your wig on the stand.

Wig Shampoo & Conditioner: Your wig might get wet or dirty during your trip so it's a good idea to wash it. It can be tempting to use the hotel's 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner to wash your wig, but it's best to bring travel-size separate shampoo and conditioner bottles which will be kinder to your wig.


Curling iron/Straightener: bringing these heat tools will help you easily style your wig before you go out with it for that fancy evening dinner.

Light compact and collapsible wig stand: This is essential for travelling with a wig. When you arrive at your hotel you can then easily store your wig and allow it to keep its shape. It is also useful for air-drying and styling purposes!

Wig Brush: For a wig brush, you can take a small rat-tail comb to comb out any tangles or part of your hair in a middle part or a side part.

A Silk Scarf Or Silk Pillowcase: Keep in mind to add a silk scarf or silk pillowcase to your luggage. Through doing, it can help you protect and retain the moisture of your hair when you sleep on a plane or sleep at night. In addition, you can put it on in case of windy days or if you are doing any sporting activities, which will prove extremely useful.

Hair Net: As a great tool that is used to pack your wig for travelling, a hairnet can help your wig maintain its shape in a carrying case or while you're wearing it on a long flight.


Some Questions About The Wig Travel Guide

Q: Do You Need To Buy a Wig Carrying Case?

A: No. If you want a super stylish option for carrying your wigs, you can always invest in a wig carrying case, but don’t feel pressured to do so.

Wig carrying cases are designed to keep your wig safe from being jostled or damaged on trips and can hold all of your wig care products, but a Ziploc bag placed in your purse or carry-on can work just as well.

Q: Should I bring different wigs for different types of weather?

A: Definitely. Wearing a wig when the weather is sweltering and humid or when you're in a very windy city is complicated and uncomfortable. Besides that, wigs can lose their style when it’s raining or if you get wet at the beach. Check the weather forecast before your trip and bring either a scarf or a hairpiece to wear in inclement weather.

Q: Will I have to take off my wig for airport security?

A: No! Wigs are just like your clothing, so airport security machines can see through your wig. It is very unlikely that TSA security would ask you to remove your wig.

The only time that you may need to remove your wig for a TSA agent is if they suspect that you may be hiding something under your wig. For this reason, it is best to avoid wearing too many metal bobby pins that could set off a sensor or raise suspicion.


If you are asked to take off your wig and don't feel comfortable doing so in front of all of the people at security - who would? - feel free to discreetly tell the TSA agent that you are wearing a wig and would like a private room. They will allow you to do this in a private room where you can take off your wig without feeling stressed.

Tips On Traveling With a Wig

When travelling with a wig, pack it in a silk travel bag to ensure that it won’t get tangled or ruined by other objects in your travel bag. If you're wearing your wig, style it in a simple and unassuming way when going through airport security and let them know that you're wearing a wig if there are combs/bobby pins that may set off metal detectors.


Arrive early. The TSA agent may ask you to remove your wig and you will go to a private room. This may take more time than you originally accounted for so make sure to arrive early enough!


Make sure your wig is easily accessible. If you have packed your wig in your carry-on luggage, make sure that it is easily accessible. This will make the checking and clearing process is quicker and easier for the TSA agent if they ask you to remove it from your carry-on luggage.


Avoid wearing complicated hairstyles and up-do's. Style your wig in a simple and unassuming way when going through airport security as this may look suspicious to the TSA agents. Remember you want to get this over with as quickly as possible and avoid having to have further checks done because it can be very time-consuming!

Always remember to pack your wig essentials in your carry-on luggage. This is so that you have them on hand during your flight. If for some reason your luggage is lost or delayed you will have all your products and tools with you so that you can still care for your wig properly and keep it looking fresh.

WeLive » 5 Summer Hair Wigs Recommendations on West Kiss

If people wear hair wigs for a long time in summer, they will easily feel their scalps prickling under their hair wigs. Because the scalp will sweat easily in summer. On the one hand, sweating is one way your body tries to cool you down. On the other hand, it will be easier to get chilled by the wind after you have been sweating. Normally, after perspiration, hair wigs need timely replacement. Or the rash may spread across the scalp. It is important to choose a suitable hair wig for summer. But what kinds of hair wigs are great? These wigs need to have the following three features. 


Yes, breathability is very important for a summer hair wig. This will allow more air to penetrate your wig and keep you cooler. If the well ventilated is worse, perspires future reunion very suffered. After all, comfort is essential for a hair wig for daily wear.

Easy To Wear

When considering the tempo of modern society, it is speeding up, more and more intense competitions bring people with high psychological pressure. Every morning is hurried. People need to save time on wearing hair wigs with melt lace frontal. The hair wigs in summer need to be easier to take on and take off.

Easy To Maintain

Every hair wig in SuperNova Hair is made of 100% virgin human hair bundles. A hair wig can last at least one year under proper care. An easy-to-maintain hair wig is friendly to not only beginners but also old customers.

Cheap Lace Front Wigs

Human hair wigs cheap with lace frontal have 13 inches wide lace frontals. Every lace frontal can cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear to get a full, complete hairline. In this way, people are easier to have a more natural, real wig look. 

Lace front wigs are popular in the wig market with many advantages.

1) Lace front wigs are all made of 100% virgin human hair. These hair are hand-tied on the lace by workers to avoid shedding and tangle problems.

2) Bigger sizes of lace frontals could help the lace front wigs become lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable than regular hair wigs.

3) These lace frontal wigs not only have one colour or one texture. You can restyle and dyed them into other colours.

4) Every lace front wig has done pre-plucked with baby hair before shipping out. People can start to install it directly after receiving it. We always insist on offering our customers a better shopping experience.

Blonde Lace Front Wig

Compared with regular natural black hair colour. 613 blonde is a shining, bright hair colour that can always catch people’s eyes. Wearing a 613 blonde hair wig can make a woman look like a real barbie. Because 613 blonde hair colours can reflect the cute, active side of a girl. And this is also a perfect hair colour that will look good in summer. It is a great choice to go for a summer vacation with a 613 blonde hair wig.

Believe you have known the advantages of lace front wigs I have mentioned above. Perfect hair colour with a perfect hair wig, what a perfect match. Don’t miss this star product. 

Headband Wigs

Headband wigs are also named human hair half wigs. It is a hair wig that a breathable elastic net cap covers 3/4 of the head, and an ice silk headband covers the rest part. Headband wigs don’t have lace, they are only made of ice silk fabric with Velcro at back. Headband wigs are easy to wear and take off. Installing a headband wig usually only need to take 2 minutes. And it also can support doing more simple and cool hairstyles, like ponytails or buns. These hairstyles both can make you feel cooler in summer. Besides, the prices of headband wigs also are more affordable and competitive. 

headband wig

U Part Wigs

The U Part wig is a new type of hair wig. U Part wigs also don’t have lace. A 2x4 U-shape is opened at the middle top of every U Part wig. People can make their own real human hair be exposed from the opened U-shape, and then blended with the hair of cheap U part wigs. Real human hair is combined with the hair of hair wigs. In this way, people can make the whole hair wig’s style more natural and real. Installing a U Part wig is also easy, no need to use glue, just use some clips and adjustable straps to secure it.

Bob Wigs

According to the hair lengths of hair wigs. Hair wigs can be divided into long hair wigs and short bob wigs. For summer days, short bob wigs are more suitable. Short hair length is cooler and easy to maintain. Compared to a long hairstyle, a short hairstyle has a different feeling. It offers people a clean and energetic look. The good-quality bob wigs can be dyed, restyled for many occasions. You can restyle your bob wig to different hair textures or hair colours, including straight hair, curly hair in #99J, #613, #1B, etc.

A short bob wig is a perfect choice for women who are interested in a curly short, straight short, cute, clean-cut hairstyle with different hair colours as a classic style. Short bob wigs are highly cost-performance human hair wigs with affordable prices and high quality. Short hair lengths can give people a cooler feeling that is suitable for hot summer days.

1) Various Wig Types

There are six different wig types of bob wigs in West Kiss Hair, including bob 4x4 lace closure wigs, bob 13x4 lace front wigs, bob headband wigs, bob T Part wigs, bob machine made wigs, bob U Part wigs. Different wig types of bob wigs have different advantages. People can choose their preferred bob wigs freely.

2) Multiple Hair Colors

Classic natural black bob wigs and bright 613 blonde bob wigs are two main hair colours of bob wigs. They offer different feelings to people. Natural black bob wigs give people a common beauty. 613 blonde bob wigs offer people a shining style. No matter what feeling you want, these two coloured bob wigs can meet all your needs.

3) Different Hair Textures

Bob wigs can match with all different hair textures. Like straight hair, deep wave hair, curly hair, water wave hair, body wave hair, etc. Different hairstyles show their different personalities. It is important to find a hairstyle that suits you most. The suit is best.

West Kiss Hair, a hair company with exquisite workmanship on hair processes and a great reputation. We are committed to creating perfect, beautiful hair products for consumers. In these years, the hair products to well-quality, low price, handsome shape and improve the customer service has won the trust and praise. We will keep having to aim at customer satisfaction as the goal, to provide you with more attractive products, better services.

Agience Oy Ltd » Which Typical Long Wigs Recommendations for Women?

West kiss hair long lace front wigs with a more natural look and beauty, a long hd lace wig which let you have real hair feel, long 613 blonde wigs, can make you more fashionable and lovely.

1)Long Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are the most popular type of lace wigs in West Kiss Hair. Every lace front wig has a 13 inches wide lace frontal that can cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear. Everyone can have a complete and natural hairline easier. There are two types of lace frontal wigs: 13x4 lace frontal wigs and 13x6 lace frontal wigs. These two lace front wigs are about the same. The main difference is the depth of lace frontals. A 13x6 lace frontal wig has a 6 inches deep lace frontal that is deeper than a 13x4 lace front wig. In general, a lace front human hair wig is a good choice for most people with good performance and price.

2)Long HD Lace Wigs

After finishing talking about the lace size, we are going to talk about the type of lace. HD lace wigs are made of HD laces and 100% human virgin hair. The HD lace is an upgraded version, it is different from other common Swiss laces. HD laces are ultra-thin, ultra-light, and more transparent. A long HD lace wig can melt into all skin colours and no more lace tinting. A natural and invisible hairline also can help you to get a more real and perfect wig look. Having a long human hair wig with hd lace frontal with bundles is a great value-for-money choice for you.

3)Long 613 Blonde Wigs

If you are tired of the common natural black hair colour and want to make some change. 613 blonde wigs are suitable for you. 613 blonde is a shining and bright hair colour that can offer people a different feeling. Attractive hair colour with a long beautiful hairstyle, what a perfect match.

Compared to short hair wigs, long hair wigs tangle easily. When considering washing and caring, long wigs also are more difficult than short wigs. In order to use a long wig for a longer time, please kindly note the following care tips.

1) Use a wide-teeth comb to brush your long wig from the bottom to the top.

2) Use essential oils to massage and care hair regularly.

3) Wash long wigs more gently with lukewarm water.

4) Don’t do too much perm or colouring.

5) Choose air dry.

6) Don’t sleep with your long wigs every day.



long human hair wig

Most customers like hair wigs that have more than 20 inches long hair length, up to 40-inch hair. So West kiss hair tells you some reasons why human hair long wigs are popular by women and girls.

1)Long Hair More Fashionable

Recently, it's becoming fashionable to have long hair again. More celebrities begin to have a long hairstyle. So the normal women also start to chase the fashion of long hair. But growing your own human hair from short hair to long hair takes a lot of time. Most people will choose to buy a long wig directly. Then you can have a new long hair look immediately.

2)Long Hair Length More Beautiful And Natural

For appearance, a long hair wig can bring a different feeling to people from a short bob wig. Short hairstyles often make people look chic and clean. A long hair wig can help you become more beautiful and natural. A classic long hairstyle never goes wrong. It is suitable for any occasion.

3)Long Hair Length More Look Tall And Slim

A long hair affordable closure wig is very important for people to look tall and slim. People have a tall and slender body with long hair always stands out in the crowd.

4)Long Hair More Easy Matching

A long hairstyle is probably the easiest one for the match, which can experiment with any face shape, hair colour, and hair texture.

Agience Oy Ltd » The Hair Density and Lace Size Of HD Lace Wigs

When it comes to the invisible wig, it's more like the best HD lace wig for you. Do you know more about the HD lace wig? First and foremost, as for the HD lace wig, there will be a brief introduction. They are made of High Definition lace material which makes them impossible to detect. HD lace is the thinnest and most lightweight, and it deceptively syncs with your scalp to give a perfect look. The smooth and gentle texture ensures you feel comfortable and light. You do not have to dye or bleach the wig to match your scalp. Besides, the HD lace wig has a pre-plucked hairline which makes it usable for a wider audience. 

This article mainly provides some guides for queens who wanna try the HD lace wig before purchasing. It’s divided into four parts. We will discuss them in order.


The Style Of HD Lace Wigs

The Lace Size Of HD Lace Wigs

The Density Of HD Lace Wigs

How To Choose Hair Wigs Store Online?

The Style Of HD Lace Wigs

As one of the prevalent lace wig, HD lace wig has various curl patterns to satisfy customer’s needs. West Kiss Hair store has the straight, body wave, deep wave, curly, water wave, and loose deep HD lace wig. All of these wigs are made up of HD lace with a corresponding curl pattern for meeting your different needs.  

Straight HD lace wig gives you the look of glistening, silky, and it easily maintains its shape when you style it.

Body wave or loose deep HD lace wig displays the vibes of relaxed and flowing, the big and bouncy curls look simple but significant. 

Water wave HD lace wig is a bit curlier but still hangs, just likes ripples in the water. It also has been one of the popular products.

Deep wave HD lace wig has smaller and tight curls compared with other textures, it will fit into your overall lifestyle.

Curly wave HD lace wig looks fluffy, and it’s the ideal one if you wanna big hair.

The Lace Size Of HD Lace Wigs

HD lace wig can be classified into 2 types in accordance with the size of hd transparent lace.

1.HD lace frontal wig

The HD lace frontal wig is the product processed by half hand-tied lace and half machine-made wig cap, and the lace size is 13 inches long by 4 inches width. The 100% virgin human hair is knotted into the lace hole and sewed into the machine-made wig cap. Compared with a 13x4 lace frontal wig, the lace area of a 13x6 lace front wig is 2 inches longer.

That’s to say, the 13x6 lace frontal wig makes your scalp exposed much more than a 13x4 lace frontal wig, which means the breathability of a 13×6 lace frontal wig is stronger than a 13x4 lace frontal wig. Also, the 13x6 lace frontal wig is allowed to make a deeper part than other lace wigs.

2. HD lace closure wig

The HD lace closure wig is made as HD lace frontal wig does, it has the 5x5 lace closure wig, 6x6 lace size. The lace shape likes square, 5 inches long by 5 inches in width. You can choose the one which is suitable for you well.

hd lace wig

The Density Of HD Lace Wigs

Some of you might get confused about how to choose wig density, the part of the content will clear your doubts and help you know more about it. Wig density refers to the amount of hair added to the cap to create a fuller look. It helps determine how thick the hair on the wig cap looks. 

As human hair has different hair densities, wigs are also customized based on hair density. The standard hair density for wigs is 180% which is almost equal to the hair density of the average human head. It gives a realistic appearance and is light on your head. As you can see, higher density, fuller look. Getting the right density will ensure that you can embrace the hairstyles naturally and perfectly.

How To Choose Hair Wigs Store Online?

Most of the buyers hope to find a trusted and professional hair vendor to purchase the wig suitable for them, but getting the perfect wig is not as simple as buying other items. West Kiss Hair Store is one of the most professional human virgin hair suppliers among the many competitors. You can select the wig style you love, as the content mentioned above, curl patterns ranging from straight to curly are available on the West Kiss Hair. There are options for short, medium, and long-length hair. Different hair density caters to your personal preference. Moreover, West Kiss Hair offers a big discount and favourable price for every client to order quality buy one get one free wigs.

The free shipping is worthy of mention!

Select a wig that is perfect for you on West Kiss Hair and have fun wearing it.


Agience Oy Ltd » True and Real Hair Wigs Reviews 2020 of West Kiss Hair

Have you bought West Kiss Hair before? If yes, I hope you love our hair and thanks for your support of West Kiss Hair! If not, today, these truly customer hair reviews will help you to better know the West Kiss Hair brand, quality, and style. You can't miss out on West Kiss Hair in 2021.

Hair review from the website

Hair: Curly 13x4 lace front wig 

Length: 28inch

This was my first time ordering & I love this hair so much. It’s thick (200%) & the curl pattern is beautiful plus doesn’t shed. The customer service was good. They kept me up to date. The only cons are it took a while to ship & deliver to Australia & it wasn’t plucked to my liking but other than that love the hair got heaps of compliments. I just ordered another wig. Thank you West Kiss

Hair: 99J curly lace front wig

Length: 22inch

I absolutely love this hair. I was so nervous to try it. But I must say, it's so soft & it dyed so nicely. I washed it, it is still beautiful. This is my first time ordering a wig from this vendor. I will be purchasing it here in the future. 

Hair review from Instagram & Youtube

The hair looks amazing!!! I love the curl!!!

------From Youtube

The hair is really soft and no shedding. I love it! 

------From Youtube

I received my wig today, and OMG, so amazing. Thank you so much, West Kiss.

------From Instagram

When I opened it, I was in shock...This wig is so amazing. Very impressed! 

------ From Instagram 

The hair is really soft. Btw I can't wait for my second wig. 

------ From Instagram

Hair review from Trustpilot

I recently purchased the deep wave and body wave wig from this vendor. Shipping did not take long. The hair feels very soft and looks just like advertised. I will be buying more.

---------Review by Kianga

This was my first time ordering with the company. I’m very pleased to say that you’ve earned a forever customer. The communication was nice. The delivery was fast & the confirmation of order delivery was also great. The hair quality is superb, very soft and the density was on point. It was Ben who came in a cute bag with a gift included as well as an elastic band. Thank you very much for your great customer service. Will definitely refer to family, friends, and coworkers.

---------Review by Antoinette Antoine

West kiss hair is absolutely the best company, they have great neat packaging. Also, they send beautiful headbands wig caps. The shipping is fast and always on time. I have ordered from west kiss twice. And they even keep in contact with you while your order is being shipped out. Everybody is always respectful. I love west kiss and will be ordering another headband wig from them again.

---------Review by Tavon Nyce

This is the second time I order at West Kiss hair. I have been satisfied the hair is flexible and fluid. I really recommend that you will not be disappointed. They also offer good service and respond quickly to the message. Very understandable

---------Review by Kanny Diallo

Hair: HD body wave 13x6 lace frontal wigs

Length:  26inch

I absolutely love this hair, so does everyone else. The wig has no smell. And I love the gifts you added. You’ve gained a forever customer but I’ve never had hair this good before. I love it. You can’t beat this hair.

West Kiss Hair is a leading hair brand online shop of your first choice for the top quality human hair at a rock-bottom price. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality hair and best customer service. If you are interested in West Kiss Hair, you can follow us to get more information.

West kiss hair:

hd frontal wigs:

Mockup Provider » Different Hairstyles For Winter In West Kiss Hair

 Are you still anxious about how to choose a perfect hair wig for winter? Don’t worry, today’s article will guide you throughout. Let’s read on.

1.Different Hairstyles For Winter

  In the winter for most people are dull and lonely because of little sunshine, and a lot of snow. The color in winter is mainly white that makes people feel routine and uninteresting. Wearing the fresh-colored wigs can color the tedious winter and bring the cold winter warm color.

2.Different Hairstyles Wigs Recommendation

  Recently we have added two new features on the home page, you can select your preferred wigs through hair textures and hair colors like the below pictures shows:

  And next, I will recommend some different typical hair wigs for winter in West Kiss Hair to you:

1)Water Wave Wigs - Water Wave Long 13x6 Lace Front Wigs

  Water wave hair is always popular among most customers, as it has small and tight curls which can make people look younger and more lovely. 

  This individual water wave hairstyle with a 13x6 lace front wig comes to a perfect wig. The 13x6 lace frontal wigs have 13 inches width lace which can completely cover human foreheads from ear to ear. The wide lace area can help make the whole wig’s style more real effectively.

2) Body Wave Wigs - Body Wave #27 Lace Front Wigs

  Compared with water wave hair, body wave wigs show totally different feelings. Although body wave hair is not as tight as water wave, it can reflect how a stylish, feminine woman looks like. 

  We choose the #27 honey blonde hair color to match this body wave lace front wigs. #27 honey blonde is a warm and tender color for winter, it is not as shining as 613 blonde, it is mild which can make people feel peace and calm. That’s why we set it as our special recommendation.

3)Straight Wigs - 613 Blonde Straight Lace Front Wigs

  Straight hair is a special hair texture that doesn’t have any curls, it always flows down like a stream on your shoulders which really brings out women’s beauty and charm. Although most people like to make their heads be crowned by wavy hair, I believe straight hair will come back strongly one day.

  Besides, choosing 613 blonde hair color to match a straight lace front wig do enriches the whole wig’s effect a lot. As 613 blonde is a sparkling and eye-catching color. Wearing a 613 blonde wig can help every girl to realize their princess dreams.

4)Loose Deep Wave Wigs - Loose Deep Long Lace Front Wigs

5)Deep Wave Wigs - Deep Wave Long Lace Front Wigs

  Loose deep wave hair and deep wave hair are all in one direction, the main difference between these two hair textures is the tightness of curls. In appearance, we can see that the curls of loose deep wave hair are looser than deep wave hair. Different tightness shows different feelings. I can’t say which one is better. Everyone has their own preference, just pick up your favorite hairstyle.

  For these two hair textures - loose deep wave hair and deep wave hair, we both choose long lace front wigs to match them. As on a cold winter day, a long hairstyle may be more suitable, people can be warm and fashionable.

6)Curly Wigs - Long Curly 13x4 Lace Front Wigs

  Curly hair is an outstanding hairstyle for most people, the curls of curly hair are not like deep wave, they are irregular which can frame people’s face. That’s why most African American women do like it. 

curly hair wigs:

west kiss coupon code:


Agience Oy Ltd » HD deep wave wig vs hd body wave wig vs hd loose deep wig

HD deep wave hair wig

The deep wave wig with HD lace is made of high-definition lace and deep wavy virgin wigs. First of all, the HD lace is very light and breathable, and it looks like it is invisible on the scalp. It is difficult for people to detect the hd lace closure wig. Compared with wave curling, deep waves have a smaller degree of curvature and more waves, and their bending directions are facing the same direction. They are very regular and look smaller and more subtle.

The HD deep wave wig will give you a very natural look as if it is naturally growing from your scalp. This wig is very smooth and tight, and it can also be integrated with other types of buy one get one free wigs. If you have a more reserved and introverted personality, then this cute-looking wig is perfect for you.

HD body wave hair wig

The texture of the high-definition wavy wig presents the letter "S" shape. Compared with the first two wigs, the body wave wig has a larger curvature, which is the wave produced by curling larger straight hair. The wig provided by West Kiss Hair is made of the best original hair and Swiss lace, without any irritating chemical process, avoiding the problem of damaging your scalp.

HD loose deep wave wig

The HD loose deep wave hair curls like a spiral, very similar to the deep wave, but the loose deep wave wig separates further than the deep wave.

HD curly hair wig

The HD curly wig is currently the favourite of cheap 360 lace wigs human hair lovers. This wig has a tighter and more delicate texture than a wave wig, has an irregular texture, and looks very plump and fluffy overall.

This HD curly hair wig is very similar to the natural hair of intangible cultural heritage Americans, and with the effect of HD lace, it can be perfectly blended with human hair, making it difficult to distinguish whether it is human hair or wig. Curly hair can make you look more energetic and youthful. If you want to wear a wig in sultry weather or need to wear a wig for a long time, we suggest you consider a wig. In addition to making you more fashionable and energetic, It can keep your scalp in natural circulation with air, giving you the most comfortable experience.

Compared with straight hair, you need to spend more time and energy to clean and maintain. Of course, if you pay a reward, this loose deep wave wig will make your wig more feminine and look more beautiful. At the same time, it can well modify your face, increase the volume of your hair, and weaken your facial imperfections to a certain extent. 

HD straight hair wig

The HD straight hair wig does not have any curled parts and looks more healthy and natural. With a thick jet-black shawl and straight hair, it hangs in mid-air like a black waterfall.


Straight hair has different lengths and shorts, and the results are different. Some people may look more subtle and gentle with long straight hair, while others may look cool and have a more direct personality with short straight hair. Of course, straight lace front wigs cheap will also exude a different breath according to your own temperament. The reason why straight hair is so popular is that it is relatively easy to take care of and it is convenient to create different hairstyle effects.

HD water wave wig

HD water wave hair is the best-selling wig in the market today. Its curling degree is greater than that of curly hair and less curled than wavy wigs, just like ripples rippling from the water. Its curling direction is facing the opposite place, so the wig will look larger and fluffy, and it looks very dense.

If you want to make your hair look very dense, you can consider this water wave wig. In addition, this wig is easy to maintain, and you don’t need to engage in some special care steps. As long as you carefully maintain it in the correct way, you can guarantee a long life.

MathBB Provider » How to Wash and Install Curly Lace Front Wigs?

The versatility and convenience of wigs are being discovered by more and more people. For wig lovers, receiving a new wig may make you happy for several days. But when you receive the wig, are you still a little confused about how to clean and wear the human hair lace wig correctly? Each type of wig has some different cleaning and wearing methods. Today we will share with you how to properly clean and install the curly lace front wig.

The standard size of curly lace front wig is 13x4 lace front wig and 13x6 lace front wig. It looks natural when worn on the head, just like hair that grows naturally from the scalp. It is difficult to detect the traces of the wig.


How to Wash Curly Lace Front Wigs?

How to Install Curly Lace Front Wigs?

How to Get Curly Lace Front Wigs?

How to Wash Curly Lace Front Wigs?

1. Before shampooing, use a human hair lace wig special comb or a wide-tooth comb to gently comb the hair from the end, dredge all knotted parts, and minimize the fall of the wig during the subsequent washing process.

2. Wet the hair evenly with water, and apply some conditioner to the hair first, so that the double-washed hair will make the hair very moisturized, smooth, and reduce pulling. Moisturizing the hair in advance can also relieve the irritation of shampoo to the hair, reduce the clogging of scalp pores caused by shampoo residue, and correspondingly alleviate the problem of split ends.

3. After nourishing with conditioner for two or three minutes, rinse off thoroughly with water from top to bottom. Start applying shampoo, because the lace wig is very fragile, so be gentle during the rubbing process. Then rinse off the shampoo completely to reduce the shampoo remaining on the scalp.

4. Apply the conditioner again to deeply moisturize and nourish the hair. You will find that this washing will feel much softer than normal washing. Rinse it with water without any residue.

This method of using conditioner twice is also effective for people who usually have severe hair loss or dry and rough hair when washing their hair. Using this method can gradually improve these phenomena, and can also protect the hair to a certain extent and reduce hair fall.

5.After washing the wig, wrap the wig with a clean towel and pat it dry. Place it flat on the table and let it air dry. It is best not to use a hairdryer to dry the wig. Drying the newly washed wig at an overheated temperature will burn the hair to a certain extent and cause frizz and make the hair very dry. After drying, you can comb the wig for styling.

How to Install Curly Lace Front Wigs?

1. Braid your own hair, press it on the scalp as tightly as possible, and wear a hair cap to fix the braided hair for a better follow-up wearing effect.

2. Pull out some hairs from the hairline of the wig in advance according to your own preferences, so that the hair at the hairline is thinner and looks more realistic.

3. Put the wig on your head, divide the direction of the wig according to your favourite position, and shape it with mousse.

4. Cut the lace of the wig's hairline into 3 parts, so that you can easily pull up part of the lace and apply it when you use the hair glue. Spread some glue on the front lace part and the scalp joint, and heat it with a hairdryer to fix it. Then just cut off the excess lace.

5. You can spray water on the hair to keep it moist and use a wide-tooth comb to smooth it out. At this point, you can cut some lengths according to your preference.

6. Apply some essential oil to the place where the lace is sticking next to the ear because the side is easy to dry and cause the lace to rise, which can keep moisturizing and have a good effect.

7. On the edge of the lace, you can use a makeup brush to apply some shadows similar to the skin tone to make the lace at the hairline more invisible and natural.

8. You can use a hot comb to make your hair smoother according to your needs. Remember to comb the hot comb as close to the root as possible, and don't touch the curly hair to avoid drying the curly hair.

9. Apply the essential oil to the hair evenly again to make the hair more elastic and moisturized. Finally, use mousse to style your hair.

If you want to know more, you can contact us and we will answer you in time.

How to Get Curly Lace Front Wigs?

As a well-received mall with more than ten years of experience in producing and selling wigs, West Kiss Hair Wigs provides you with the best quality and cheap lace wigs. If you have a favourite type of wig, come and buy it.

I hope today’s content is helpful to you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to visit for consultation, and we will provide you with the most satisfactory service.

Agience Oy Ltd » Getting Tired Of The Daily Look? Try Something New By Styling Your Short Hair

Considering the short hair, some words, such as cute, chic, slay, and so on, will come to mind. So, what kind of hairstyles can shape in short hair. Let's find out!

Hi, chic girls:

Today, I will list some stylish hairstyles for short hair. I hope you can enjoy the tutorials in the hairstyles, moreover, in West Kiss Hair, you can always find the one you like as the short bob wigs.

What Choices You Can Make In The Bob Human Hair Wigs?

In the current market, these textures of short bob wigs are popular, such as straight hair wig, loose deep, deep wave, water wave wigs, body wave, and curly hair wigs. On one hand, some of them come with lace closure. On the other hand, some of them come with a lace front, even machine made wig. You can choose the wig depending on your style. If you want to be lovely, you can choose short bob wigs with a bang. For some girls who want to be chic, you can try some curly wigs, such as kinky curly or

deep wave or water wave. If you want to be gentle and elegant, a short bob wig in body wave can be your first choice. Coloured short bob wigs suit for the girls who want to have a new look.

What Kind Of Hairstyles You Can Have A Try For The Short Bob Wigs?

Once you have picked the short bob wig, you will think about the hairstyles on them. Let's see some simple, classic hairstyles together!

1.Short Wavy Hair

Starting on the bottom, using the straightener, shaping the wavy curl, and curling the ends in; repeating doing the same thing on the middle part; putting down the hair on the top in the end, curling the ends in, and finishing ends off;

using the hairspray to hold the curl.

Tips: Using a flat-ironer to shape curls will make your hair look voluminous and body.

2.60's Hair Flip

Curling the ends upwards; spraying the ends

Tips: You can tuck your hair behind your ears, which will make you look more polish.

3.Scrunchie Bun

Starting like a ponytail; twisting your hair; keeping your hair tucked in

4.Half-up Pony(it's a classic short hairstyle.)

Firstly, do a high ponytail on the top; If your hair is a little bit thin, you can tease your hair on the bottom, it will look a little bit full; pull the hairs on the top section out, make your hair a little bit messy.

5.3 seconds Bun

The short hair is always too short to do anything else.

Holding your hair like a ponytail; grab the hair tight and twist your hand; pull back your hand with another hand.

How To Buy These Stylish Bob Wigs?

After learning how to style your short hair, you must want to try more different looks in short bob wigs, don't you? West Kiss Hair can always be your first choice when referring to a hair vendor who always sells good virgin human hair.

Now, short bob wigs of all textures with different colours are available to buy in WetKiss Hair Wigs. Can't wait to see you rocking the short bob wigs! If you have any questions about the wigs, feel free to contact West Kiss Hair.

WeLive » The hair wigs styles suitable for Christmas

As the annual Christmas season approaches, are you well prepared for the coming Christmas? What comes to mind when we think of Christmas? The green Christmas tree, the red Santa hat, the white snowflakes, and the gold bells, are the first things that come to my mind. Normally, people will choose clothes or accessories similar to these colors to fit the festive atmosphere. Hair is no exception, so have you found the wig to wear for Christmas? What kind of wig is best for Christmas?

1.99J wig

99J color is the burgundy color. And this is a good color for Christmas. When it comes to choosing a wig for Christmas, Burgundy is definitely my first choice. Not as bright as red, but very special and active. You can choose the texture you want. A 99J body wave wig will make you look elegant and attractive; 99J deep wave lace frontal wigs appear more youthful. And West Kiss has some long length 99J lace frontal wigs in stock at the moment. If you like this color, do not hesitate!   


2.Blonde lace front wig

After red, the most popular color for Christmas is gold. So the second color I suggest is blonde colored wigs. There are different blonde colors. If you would like to buy a blonde wig, I suggest you choose #613 blonde wigs and honey blonde lace wigs. For 613 blonde lace frontal wigs, the lace is transparent which can match all skin tones. So choose this wig, and you'll be the brightest thing about Christmas.

Honey blonde is not light as #613 blond wigs, it’s a little darker. But it’s also a color that works for all skin tones. Compared with the bright 613 color, the #27 honey blond is more like the color of warm light. It's also great for Christmas.

3.Curly lace front wig

Having said the choice of hair color, then it is time to say something about the choice of texture. Curly lace frontal wig must be the top one I recommend. First of all, this wig will give the visual impression that your hair is rich and full. Secondly, this wig is suitable for any person and any skin color. And when curly hair gets wet, it takes on a completely different style from dry hair. 

4.Headband wig

If you're new to wigs, or you just want to wear them on Christmas Day, I highly recommend buying the headband wigs. Compared to human hair lace wigs, headband wigs are very easy to install and remove. You only need to take 5 minutes to install it. You can change the headbands of different colors and styles. So this wig is also a good choice for Christmas.

You can buy all the wigs I mentioned above at West Kiss Hair. To celebrate the arrival of Christmas, West Kiss Hair has also launched a Christmas promotion sale. 




$599-$36 Code:“XMAS36”‖ $299-$16 Code:“XMAS16”

Save $10 OVER $199 Code ☛ “XMAS10”


Go to West Kiss and buy your own Christmas wig!