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Agience Oy Ltd » What Types Of Curly Hair Wigs Do You Want ?

Some tips for wearing a lace front 

1. Check the hair before putting it on

Do remember to check the wigs when you take them out of the package. Especially when you buy wigs online, wigs could be damaged or affected during long shipping and packaging. You should examine the style and shape of the new wig to see whether the buyer sent you the wrong product or just damaged goods. And you should have a sniff of the newly arrived wig, you could find it smelly. Little smell is acceptable because usually the wig was proceeded with chemicals to keep the style or color and the smell can disappear after a while or a wash. So you should prepare wig shampoo and conditioner.

2. Secure your natural hair

You need to create a flat surface on your hair by braiding the hair in cornrows or plaits. Since it's a lace front wig, some hair vendors offer some combs inside of the wig and an elastic band behind the wig to adjust the size and prevent wigs from falling off your head. And sometimes you should apply wig glue so that the wig stays put, although there are glueless wigs that are less messy.

3. Take care of your own natural hair

You may suffer from dryness, breakage, and hair loss if you don't have routine maintenance when you wear your wig for a long time. Your scalp and natural hair should be given a complete and regular cleansing and deep conditioning. And remember the lace front wig is temporary and the expiration date depends on the wig glue. So you should pay attention to the wig glue types which are made for short or long use. 

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Agience Oy Ltd » What Types Of Curly Hair Wigs Do You Want ?

                                                9 Hairstyles For Your Curly Wig

  • After receiving the perfect texture curly hair wigs that you bought from local stores or you are trying to buy wigs online.You are definitely thrilled about it. But when looking at yourself in the mirror after wearing it for the first time or later days, you might find that the hair feels a little bulky, or the side layers are just not my style now. It reminds you that it's time to change the look or style of your curly hair. So let's have a try to slay the curly wigs by typing the questions into Google or leaving it to the experts. The curly hair wigs have different ways to wear, you don't always have to stuck with the hairstyle which you are already tired of.


  • So here are some hairstyles for your curly wigs.


  • Middle parting. To do your hair with a rat tail comb to finish the middle part, it's friendly for beginners.

  • To do a side part. A side parting can help to frame your face and transform your hair look. If you've previously had a middle parting, changing to a side parting is a great way to introduce a new style. But doing it wrong may swoop over your eye to cause inconvenience.

  • The third hairstyle is to twist the front back, leave a little edge out to make your hair look more natural. Remembering pinning the front part with pins sticking up a little on the side.

  • Half-up half-down with a ponytail. This curly hairstyle can make your hair look more full and just like your real hair.

  • Half-up half-down with a bun at the top of your hair. It is similar to the way of doing the fourth hairstyle.

  • Curly hair with two ponytails on each side. It makes you look younger and really can help you pull off a skirt.

  • Curly hair with two buns, you just take the hair and wrap it around with patience and carefulness to make a beautiful and neat bun, or you can make it messy if you prefer.

  • Two braids, it is almost the way as you do the two buns or two ponytails, the different part is that you should do two cornrows.

  • Curly wigs with bangs. Sometimes curls are best enhanced with bands. You can twist the hair to help your bangs look nice by encouraging the curls to sit where you want them.


  • In the end, the most important part and the first step after knowing how to style the curly wigs are to Have a nice quality curly hair wig that can inspire you or your hairstylist to be creative.

Agience Oy Ltd » What Types Of Curly Hair Wigs Do You Want ?

  • Today I'm going to tell you something about the types of curly hair wigs. Not surprisingly, sometimes we suddenly have this feeling to freshen up our wig style for changing our looks when we start taking selfies in our wig or just look at ourselves in the mirror. And for most of us, the first thing we should do is that we need to aware of what types of hairstyle we want. It's easy to tell if you have straight hair or curly hair, but getting a straight answer about the types of curly hair is way much harder. So here are some guides for those who wanna curly wigs hairstyle.






  • There are 4 different patterns of curly hair wigs you can pick from





  • Loose Curl. This type of curl presents the loose curl strand ripples with soft waves and is often more flatter at the crown than its ends. Loose curl appears to close to be straight hair when it gets wet. Anyway, the shape of this kind of curl is more like a relaxing "S".

  • Classic Curl. This curl type is thought to be uniform curly hair with a consistent and steady "S" pattern.

  • Tight Curl. The tight curl tends to twists into small ringlets, and it resembles corkscrews. This type of hair is vulnerable to breakage and frizz, so how you take care of your wigs plays a role in styles. And the tighter the curl, the more conscious cares the wigs need.

  • Coily Curly. When we look at the coily hair, we can see the "Z" type from roots to the ends. Because of the tight curl, the length of actual hair may shrink up. It is necessary for you to pay more attention to the length of the wigs. And this type of hair is more delicate and so needs to be cared for properly.






  • Anyway, it's wise for you to get to know the types of hair before buying wigs. For wig beginners or just too tired to spend time on maintenance, there are pre-colored, pre-styled, pre-plucked, and glueless wigs for you to choose from. As for those ones who prefer to leave the hairstyle for a stylist or salon, it's also advisable to familiarize what kinds of curl you want to have on your way to a stylist.






  • In the end, You can find out more curly hair wigs on UNice hair.