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Solutions are high level descriptions of data refining services that can be published in the marketplace even before actual implementation. When a solution is implemented, released and made available by launching a sales campaign it becomes a concrete data refining service that can be purchased in the marketplace and accessed under the terms specified by the campaign. Submitted solution information must include a name, short description and a link to a function interface which specifies the usage instructions. Optionally, solutions can also have a logo and links for further information or demos. Providers are highly recommended to re-use existing function interfaces whenever possible instead of writing their own.


Solution Summary

Solution summary page contains relevant information and useful links for the solution. Here you can also view available campaigns and prices and buy a contract for the solution.

Solution summary

  1. Contains information about the solution and useful links
  2. Information about the solutions provider
  3. Active campaigns for the solution. Here you can see available versions and prices. You can also buy a contract for the solution.
  4. Links to other interesting solutions
  5. Link to previous solution
  6. Link to next solution


My Solutions

My Solutions can be found on your My Business page. Here you can create and release new versions and create campaigns for your solution.

Solution - Click to view/edit solution

Version - Click to view available versions or create a new version

Campaigns - Click to view available campaigns or create a new campaign

Users - Number of contracts

Requests - Number of requests that users have made

Sales - Total sales

Status - Solutions status


New Solution

New Solution can be created in your My Business page.

Solution Name - Name for your solution

Short Description - Description for your solution

Solution Logo - Logo for your solution

Function Interface - Function interface that describes your solutions input and output data types

Further Information - Links to additional information etc.

Contact Person - Contact person for this solution


Data Refining Solutions

Data Refining Solutions can be found on implemented algorithms summary page. This is a list of solutions, that implement the selected algorithm.

MORE... - Open Solution Summary page

Campaign - Available campaigns for the solution

Version - Solution version which the campaign is created for

Transaction price - Prices for individual requests

Initial purchase - Amount of prepurchased transactions

Availability - Campaign end date

Buy - Buy a contract for the campaign. Opens the solution agreement, which you have to sign to complete the purchase.


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