Help / Solution Releases


Releases bind solutions and images together. Provider can launch a new version of a solution by submitting a new release which is associated to an image and defines the exact launch command that will start the refinery process in the Docker container based on the image. The launch command can include any number of arguments which can be used to configure solution instances for specific purposes. For example, an optimization algorithm can take the maximum number of search iterations as command line argument which affects both running time and result quality. In other words, the developer can create different releases of the same solution targeted to different user groups and needs simply by modifying the launch command.

Submitted releases are empirically evaluated by CNS before they are accepted for public use. CNS will verify that the release actually does what is promised and does not involve any malicious or faulty behavior that could be a security risk, harm marketplace servers or compromise customer data privacy. During the evaluation, CNS will also measure actual computation costs for executing solution requests by performing a large number of test requests in dedicated servers. Marketplace fees charged for solution hosting are based on average computation costs per request.