Help / Registering a provider


USE CASE: Registering a provider

If you wish to publish content in CNS marketplace, you need to create a provider. Note: If you wish to receive payments, create a company profile before proceeding further

Step 1. Go to 'Business' page and click 'Add Provider'

Step 2. Fill the form accordingly

Provider name - Desired name for your provider

Description - Describe your provider

Provider logo - Add provider logo

Customer profile - Select customer profile for this provider. Note: Use company profile if you wish to receive payments. Payment options are only available if you have selected a company profile.

Customer project - Select a project from the selected profile. This project will be used for sending and receiving payments for this provider.

Payment cycle - Select a payment period for your incomes

Minimum payment - Set a minimum payment (if your incomes are lower than this, you will not be paid after a cycle)

Payment method - Select a payment method. Project Budget Increment will add incomes to the project associated with your provider.