Privacy Policy


This privacy policy serves as a description of file according to the Finnish Personal Data Act Section 10.

The Controller of Data File

The controller for the personal data file is Cloud'N'Sci Ltd, Kiviportintie 37, 00950 Helsinki, Finland. For more information, please see /info/contact.

Purpose of Data File

Cloud’N’Sci collects and processes personal information for the purpose of user management in the service. The Data File is used to identify a legitimate contact person behind the login name given by the user. The identification is necessary for managing user’s contracts made in the service.

Personal information may also be used for statistical purposes.

Collected Personal Information

The personal information collected is given by the user. The following personal information is collected:

  • The name of the user
  • The email address of the user
  • The phone number of the user (optional)
  • The address of the user (optional)

In addition to the listed personal information, Cloud’N’Sci will also keep logs of user’s actions within the site, e.g. agreements user enters in the service and the transactions users initiate.

Sharing and Transferring of Personal Data

Cloud’N’Sci will not share personal information with any third party unless the user agrees to such disclosure in advance, except in the following case: when a user enters into a Transaction Agreement or an Application Session Agreement, the user’s name and email address may be disclosed to the other party of the agreement.

Personal Data shall not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.


Access to the personal data file is limited only to the persons representing Cloud’N’Sci and who have a need to access the file for technical administration or for service development.

Users may access their own personal information. The user access is protected by password.

The servers containing the personal data file are located in Finland.