Help / Creating a new release


USE CASE: Creating a new release

When you have created a new solution and an image for it, it can be released. If your solutions implemented algorithm isn't yet introduced to CNS marketplace, introduce the algorithm now.

Step 1. To create a new release, click the solutions version number in your My Business page.


Step 2. Fill the form accordingly

Data Refining Solution - Selected solutions name

Version - Version number for the solution. Has to be higher than your latest release.

Core Algorithm - Name of the algorithm that the solution implements

Implementation Image - The image that has the solution implementation

Launch Command - Launch command for the image

Dependencies - If your solution uses other solutions in the CNS marketplace, you need to add the contracts here

Release Notes - Optional description for the release

Maintenance & Support - You agree to maintain and support this release for the duration that you select here


Possible next steps:

To make your release available for public/private use, follow our Creating a campaign guide.