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Algorithmic Challenges at Cloud'N'

Do you have a business or system which constantly generates new data that should be processed regularly? Is your data too complex and big to be handled manually but still small enough to be transferred via web? Unsatisfied with the performance or pricing of the existing data analysis tools? Sounds like you might have a case to solve with the Algorithms-as-a-Service concept!

How about publishing your data refining needs as an open algorithmic challenge here at the Cloud'N' web site? Some smart data scientists may become interested in your challenge and create algorithms solving your problem. If they succeed, their solution can be made available via the Cloud'N' marketplace for you and other users with similar needs.

Mutual motivation is the force which makes the miracle happen. Challenge owners don't have to pay for the R&D, but they should be prepared to pay for using the solution as a service when it's ready and good-enough. Not a bad deal at all since they could get a customized data refining service without development costs! Solution developers work at their own cost and schedule but also own every piece of software they write. This approach allows them to give it a try without risks or commitments as it is perfectly OK to fail or quit.

The Algorithms-as-a-Service concept scales up the business; Instead of one-to-one designing (custom software development), one-to-many licensing (software products) or many-to-one offerings (crowd-sourcing competitions) we are talking about many-to-many ecosystem in which developers can team up and compose data refining solutions to a wide range of applications.

Interested in submitting your own algorithmic challenge? Send e-mail to for further instructions.