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Campaigns make solution releases available to marketplace users as purchasable data refining services. Developers can design and launch sales campaigns by using a campaign plan wizard. They can freely choose a base transaction price which is charged from users per successful request under the basic campaign terms. They can also choose to offer lowered transactions prices for users that make an initial purchase, i.e. pay for a certain number of transactions in advance. Such volume discounts become significantly cheaper for heavy users in the long run and help developers to achieve a positive cash flow. Developer may also decide to offer few free evaluation requests per user so that customers can try the solution before making a purchase decision. Regardless of the transaction price charged from end-users, developers have to pay a fixed hosting fee for each successfully executed transaction.


Active Campaigns

CNS marketplace users can find active campaigns from the solution catalog. You can obtain access to an interesting solution by choosing the most suitable campaign and accepting its terms by signing a contract called solution agreement. Contracts are effective for a limited period and may involve usage limitations such as maximum request count (e.g. free evaluation campaigns).

Campaign - Available campaigns for the solution

Version - Solution version which the campaign is created for

Transaction price - Prices for individual requests

Initial purchase - Amount of prepurchased transactions

Availability - Campaign end date

Buy - Buy a contract for the campaign. Opens the solution agreement, which you have to sign to complete the purchase.


Campaign Details

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