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Applications can utilize data refining services by making requests via the CNS-API. Applications must be registered at the marketplace to create unique credentials for accessing the API. CNS-API uses the Oauth2 protocol for authenticating both the application and the user of the application. Upon successful authorization, a token will be given to the application for making further API calls during the application session. Sessions are isolated from each other so that data and requests related to a session are not visible to other sessions – although the application would be the same.

Applications can access only solutions that are listed as application dependencies during registration. Each dependency associates a function name to an existing contract. In practice, this is way to define that “when I call this function, I want to make a request to this contract”. So, use of data refining services is no more complex than calling a function. Contracts associated to application dependencies must be arranged in advance by the application developer. Possible costs for requests made by the application will be charged from application developer’s project.

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