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WeLive » how to make a headband wig

Headband wig is the best choice for beginner. My quality hair headband wig is a full protective style with no leave out, no glue which will save your time and edge as well.

▪️ Ready to go wig, major time-saver, Beginner-Friendly, less 10 sec installation.

▪️ Full protective style with no leave out, No glue, No gel, protect your edges well.

▪️ It's a lifesaver for school days, busy days, gym days, and unexpected meetings.

▪️ Hair texture:kinky curly、Afro kinky curly、Kinky Straight、Yaki straight、Curly、Coily Curly、Straight、Wavy

▪️ Hair color:Ombre Color、Dip Color、#613

▪️ Helf wigs:Kinky Curly Half Wig、3 IN 1 Versatile Cap Wig、Afro Kinky Curly Half Wig、Kinky Straight Half Wig、Yaki Straight Half Wig

WeLive » How to maintain the glueless lace wig to make it good as the new?

We all know that the glueless lace wig provided is very flexible in nature and provides good adhesion. They can hide the whole alopecia areata or surface, giving the wearer a brand-new and graceful appearance. Glue-free and do not need to cut the lace make these wigs very suitable for wig beginner. These are the favorites of working women or busy mothers because they save time. In most cases, glueless lace wigs can be used at any time, and users can install them directly on their heads, but, if necessary, different options can be customized, such as glueless full lace wigs. Wearing glueless wig, you can change your hairstyle at will according to the fashion of the day. It sounds amazing! You can also choose several types of wigs, such as water waves, straight hair, curly hair and so on. In addition, you can try the color, density, and texture of the hair in the glueless lace wig.

Because of its superiority, glueless lace wigs are the most popular. But the biggest challenge of using wigs is its persistence and quality maintain. Some good wig care skills will give your wig a gorgeous appearance. Under normal circumstances, if meticulously kept, the glueless lace wig can be used for 1-2 years at most. Many people find that the life span may be different depending on how people maintain wigs. If you care for your human hair wig as much as your own hair, the wig will certainly last longer than you imaged. Here, we provide some hair care skills for your glueless lace wig, which will totally make the mission easier.

Advantage of the glueless lace wig.

1. Convenient and efficient

Glueless lace wig is very convenient. You don't need to spend time wearing wigs. You can wear it directly on your head, and then adjust it with the adjustable strap, elastic band and clips inside the wig. Compared with wearing a conventional lace wig, glueless lace wig only takes about 10 minutes to wear, while lace wig takes you at least 1-2 hours even longer to wear. In addition, the glueless lace wig is a good kind of wig for new user.

2. Lightweight and air permeability

Human hair wigs are very light. They are not as heavy as other lace wigs, but they will also cover the whole scalp. Wearing the glueless lace wig will feel as cozy and breathable like your own hair, which is totally suitable for good weather.

3. This wig looks more realistic.

Of course, this is one of the main reasons why you should start wearing a glueless lace wig. Compared with other types of wigs, these glueless lace wigs provide the wearer with a more natural appearance. Because no glue was used. This makes it almost impossible to detect unless someone observes it carefully. So, when you wear a glueless lace wig, people will never think that you are actually wearing a wig, which is exactly what people want to realize when they wear a wig. Therefore, if you are looking for a wig that can make you look more natural in the market, don't look for another wig, glueless lace is what you want.

4. They do not need glue.

Glueless lace wig makes people fashionable. The of one the main advantage of the wig is do not need glue to fix. Of course, this is an incredible feature that makes the glueless lace wig different from other conventional wigs. Most people are allergic to the chemicals in the glue and adhesive used to fix lace wigs. But for glueless lace wigs, you won't use these harmful glues and adhesives. As mentioned above, there is an adjustable strap and elastic band on the back of the glueless lace wig. Therefore, if you are one of the people who are allergic to these glues and adhesives, you should definitely consider the glueless lace wig.

How to maintain your glueless lace wig?

Use high-quality wig care conditioner to condition your hair:

Using high-quality conditioner can ensure the health of hair and keep it away from frizzy. Just take an amount of conditioner and apply it evenly to your hair. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to apply conditioner on the hair root, because it may make the hair loose and fall off from the foundation of the wig. It is recommended to always use a wide tooth comb to adjust its tangle. This step should be performed when the hair has been soaked with conditioner.

Give your wig a rest time:

In order to prolong the service life of wigs, we strongly suggest not to use wigs frequently. If possible, please continue to replace wigs. For this reason, you can always prepare another pair of wigs and let them be used alternately. This will surely prevent the wig from being exposed to the outside environment every day.

Consult your stylist:

Although there are different styles of glueless lace wigs, which provide a lot of room for hair design, we believe that when choosing wigs and maintaining wigs, we must consult or at least ask the hair stylist for advice. They will totally help you with really effective and terrific tips for glueless lace wigs. If the wig you bought is newer than the one you are currently using, please consult your stylist about its usage.


WeLive » If you don't know why you want to buy headband wig, please read here!

We explain in detail why this is a great purchase for any customer who wants an excellent quality goods that can be used for many years at an affordable price. You will know the functions of this product and the difference between it and other similar headband wig products.

Before deciding whether to buy or not, we will provide you with all the facts you need to know. From price to availability and customer comments, we cover all the knowledge about headband wig products.

This post is also for those who want to buy amazing headband wig products. We know how difficult it is to find a high-quality headband wig product, so we listed the reasons why you should buy these products.

Most importantly, our expert team only recommends 100% safe and effective products, so that you can choose our products with confidence.

When you consider buying headband wig products.

This is a difficult choice, but the best way to buy products and services online is due diligence.

When you know what options are available for each type of purchase, you will feel that this is an adventure in itself!

When choosing products for yourself, it is important to make the right choice.

There are many different choices at any given moment, and it is difficult to decide what suits your lifestyle or taste best!

Many people also tend to comment online, but be careful: not all the listed people have actually used them, and then judge their comments based on a bad experience, which may give you something that is useless to you, so please read it carefully.

To buy high-quality headband wigs at the most competitive price, please visit our website. On our website, you can buy the best wig products. This website will give you a pleasant shopping experience,just have a look you will know it. Whether you like exquisiteness, minimalism or statement, we can do it. In spring and summer, it is essential to have fashionable headband and wig products with bright colors.

It will open your style and make your smile. According to the main colors of fashionable headband wig products, you can choose your clothes so that it won't look tacky.

There are many online shops that can buy wigs now. We need to buy wigs in a shop with reasonable price, faster delivery speed and good customer service. If there is something wrong with the order, you can easily get a refund or a replacement.

It is best to avoid using these websites because it is impossible to verify whether the goods are authentic or guaranteed. If you don't know what to look for, it may be risky to buy wig products designed by designers online. Counterfeits are common.

Don't worry if you don't know where to buy high-quality headband wigs. You can choose from our website. We have a wide range of wig products, and you can choose the right wig products according to your own needs.

WeLive » Goes on to provide several essential tips for hair care

It is easy to neglect the condition of the hair since a majority of us focus on the wellbeing of our bodies and face. There is a small percentage of people who also actively care for their hair. There are several simple steps one can take to prevent damage to our hair. This article goes on to provide several essential tips for hair care.

Top 8 hair care tips

  • Washing human hair regularly is a good way to ensure your scalp and hair is free from dirt.

  • The presence of excess oil in the hair is not good for your hair either. Regular washing can help solve this issue.

  • Excessive washing can be bad for those with dry hair; in this case, limit washing to only twice a week.

  • The shampoo you use should ideally be one that is free from chemicals and one that does not contain toxic substances.

  • The headband wig of those working or playing outdoors or involved in any other activity is bound to be affected by various environmental factors, however, there are several precautions one can take to minimize damage.

  • Blow drying your hair is a simple method of styling it. However, one should take additional precautions when using a blow dryer and invest in a good quality dryer.

  • It is not advisable to go to bed with wet hair since this can damage the hair.

  • Several additional treatments can be used prior to using shampoo. Some of the popular pre-shampoo treatments include using oil and massage. The main purpose of this is to improve blood circulation and help one relax. It also helps nourish the hair, boost shine, restore moisture, and repair split ends.

WeLive » how to find lace wigs wholesale and find new lace wigs in Cocovirginhair factory

Whether you're straightening it, pinning it, twisting it or tying it up, hair can be super personal to you, and a major part of your identity. For black women, hair can be connected to femininity and to your self-worth, so what happens when you lose it? For those losing hair due to alopecia, female pattern hair loss, autoimmune diseases, trauma or as a consequence of cancer treatments like chemotherapy, wigs, extensions and hair pieces can be a way to rebuild their relationship with their strands. “Wigs mean confidence,” confirms Manav Mehra, the managing partner of Diva Divine Wigs(good wigs supplier). “The emotional aspects of living with hair loss can be challenging, so wigs hair pieces can help be a salve to that,” he says.

But all wigs are not made equal(human hair bundles). You don't want plastic-looking strands, or a wig that'll blow away or get knotted with the wind. “Wigs and hairpieces are either made of a synthetic fibre that is very low cost, or natural human hair which costs a lot more but has a natural look(lace front wigs), and can be heat styled easily. The hair quality used on the wigs will greatly determine the look and the longevity,” says Mehra. “The wig should feel natural and comfortable and the user should not feel burdened by the weight, as wigs can be worn for long periods of time. There should be no irritation on the user's head due to the cap or clips,” he says. “There are many lengths, colours and textures available in wigs and the user can choose a wig that matches their face, style as well as the look that they are going for. The wig form wigs factory should ideally match the client's needs and real hair wigs can be customised to do so.”

WeLive » What are the benefits of a lace front wig?

A plucked lace wig is probably the foremost adored choice, and there are various purposes behind that. Pre-plucked lace wigs have hairlines that are petite, giving them the presence of a characteristic hairline. Without a doubt, many lace wigs accessible that are made will usually incorporate pre-plucked hairlines.

What Is A Pre-Plucked Wig?

A pre-plucked affordable human hair wig infers that your wig will have a characteristic hairline, and therefore the baby hair has been plucked.

If the hair on the wig isn't plucked, the actual shade of the wig can perfectly replace and reflect your hair-from the important hair, the hairline, surface, concealing, and style. This is often the quality everyone should follow.

Right when a wig is plucked, the thickness on the highest may be a batch lower, which is the circumstance with natural hair. Just in case you check out your strands, you'll see hairs of conflicting lengths and a few short baby hairs around your hairline. This is often because new hair grows constantly and can't all be of comparative size.

Why got to Pluck Wig?

For a wig to be reasonable, it needs to imitate just that. The plucking of the wig makes those optimal baby hairs and a perfect hairline. Though pre-plucked wigs are typically costlier, they're fundamentally preferable in appearance over all others.

Various youngsters don't appreciate why we'd like to pluck the hairline of wigs.

Benefits of a Pre-Plucked Lace Wig:

It's very natural and very comfortable and firm. So you can rest assured to do exercises.

Of course, you need to prepare something for your hairstyles, such as a cloth head, wig stand, butterfly fastens, tweezers, and brush.

Strategy to pluck your Wig

Firstly, you would like too many photographs of your normal hairline. The simplest way to affect does that is to repair or stretch your hair and move your hair into a decent braid. Please make sure the photos are seen so you'll use them as your aide.

Then, place the lace front wigs for black women on the Styrofoam stand and use glue on the lace to pull it down. You would like to possess it by and enormous very close with the target that it doesn't move.

Attempt to use quality tweezers and take care not to pluck an excessive number of hairs. It's ideal for plucking a dab from the beginning and seeing what it resembles, and if you envision that the hairline remains exorbitantly thick, return and repeats these methods.

Plucking is the way toward using tweezers to filter wealth hairs round the forward-looking to form it not so great. Divide the hair of your lace front wigs human hair into two areas and pick your favorite tweezers and start pulling the hairline towards you to make it look more every day.

With a free-part lace front wig human hair, you'll pick where you would like your part to get and make it. You'll do that before you create the complete Wig or after. Making a fantastic hairstyle, or holding it down for a more present-day and classy look. You can choose u part wigs, t part wigs, or V part wigs according to your hobby, all of them are easy to install.

Finally, adjust your cheap human hair wigs in a like way. Recollect the bay hair! For this movement, separate a touching piece of the hair from the hairline that you got to use as a baby hair. Use a razor to manage the hair down until the hair is at your optimal baby hair length.

Where can buy the best human hair wig?

Sunber Hair, focus on customers & the natural look, providing Klarna and Zip Quadpay installment Systems, credit cards, other payments such as PayPal, Google pay, Shop Pay, Apple pay for customers to choose their favorite human hair wigs, princess series weave hair bundles, lace closure frontal with affordable and wholesale pricing. Choose our installment Systems Klarna or Zip Quadpay at checkout, use their debit or credit card, they can pay in 4 installments.

WeLive » 5 Summer Hair Wigs Recommendations on West Kiss

If people wear hair wigs for a long time in summer, they will easily feel their scalps prickling under their hair wigs. Because the scalp will sweat easily in summer. On the one hand, sweating is one way your body tries to cool you down. On the other hand, it will be easier to get chilled by the wind after you have been sweating. Normally, after perspiration, hair wigs need timely replacement. Or the rash may spread across the scalp. It is important to choose a suitable hair wig for summer. But what kinds of hair wigs are great? These wigs need to have the following three features. 


Yes, breathability is very important for a summer hair wig. This will allow more air to penetrate your wig and keep you cooler. If the well ventilated is worse, perspires future reunion very suffered. After all, comfort is essential for a hair wig for daily wear.

Easy To Wear

When considering the tempo of modern society, it is speeding up, more and more intense competitions bring people with high psychological pressure. Every morning is hurried. People need to save time on wearing hair wigs with melt lace frontal. The hair wigs in summer need to be easier to take on and take off.

Easy To Maintain

Every hair wig in SuperNova Hair is made of 100% virgin human hair bundles. A hair wig can last at least one year under proper care. An easy-to-maintain hair wig is friendly to not only beginners but also old customers.

Cheap Lace Front Wigs

Human hair wigs cheap with lace frontal have 13 inches wide lace frontals. Every lace frontal can cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear to get a full, complete hairline. In this way, people are easier to have a more natural, real wig look. 

Lace front wigs are popular in the wig market with many advantages.

1) Lace front wigs are all made of 100% virgin human hair. These hair are hand-tied on the lace by workers to avoid shedding and tangle problems.

2) Bigger sizes of lace frontals could help the lace front wigs become lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable than regular hair wigs.

3) These lace frontal wigs not only have one colour or one texture. You can restyle and dyed them into other colours.

4) Every lace front wig has done pre-plucked with baby hair before shipping out. People can start to install it directly after receiving it. We always insist on offering our customers a better shopping experience.

Blonde Lace Front Wig

Compared with regular natural black hair colour. 613 blonde is a shining, bright hair colour that can always catch people’s eyes. Wearing a 613 blonde hair wig can make a woman look like a real barbie. Because 613 blonde hair colours can reflect the cute, active side of a girl. And this is also a perfect hair colour that will look good in summer. It is a great choice to go for a summer vacation with a 613 blonde hair wig.

Believe you have known the advantages of lace front wigs I have mentioned above. Perfect hair colour with a perfect hair wig, what a perfect match. Don’t miss this star product. 

Headband Wigs

Headband wigs are also named human hair half wigs. It is a hair wig that a breathable elastic net cap covers 3/4 of the head, and an ice silk headband covers the rest part. Headband wigs don’t have lace, they are only made of ice silk fabric with Velcro at back. Headband wigs are easy to wear and take off. Installing a headband wig usually only need to take 2 minutes. And it also can support doing more simple and cool hairstyles, like ponytails or buns. These hairstyles both can make you feel cooler in summer. Besides, the prices of headband wigs also are more affordable and competitive. 

headband wig

U Part Wigs

The U Part wig is a new type of hair wig. U Part wigs also don’t have lace. A 2x4 U-shape is opened at the middle top of every U Part wig. People can make their own real human hair be exposed from the opened U-shape, and then blended with the hair of cheap U part wigs. Real human hair is combined with the hair of hair wigs. In this way, people can make the whole hair wig’s style more natural and real. Installing a U Part wig is also easy, no need to use glue, just use some clips and adjustable straps to secure it.

Bob Wigs

According to the hair lengths of hair wigs. Hair wigs can be divided into long hair wigs and short bob wigs. For summer days, short bob wigs are more suitable. Short hair length is cooler and easy to maintain. Compared to a long hairstyle, a short hairstyle has a different feeling. It offers people a clean and energetic look. The good-quality bob wigs can be dyed, restyled for many occasions. You can restyle your bob wig to different hair textures or hair colours, including straight hair, curly hair in #99J, #613, #1B, etc.

A short bob wig is a perfect choice for women who are interested in a curly short, straight short, cute, clean-cut hairstyle with different hair colours as a classic style. Short bob wigs are highly cost-performance human hair wigs with affordable prices and high quality. Short hair lengths can give people a cooler feeling that is suitable for hot summer days.

1) Various Wig Types

There are six different wig types of bob wigs in West Kiss Hair, including bob 4x4 lace closure wigs, bob 13x4 lace front wigs, bob headband wigs, bob T Part wigs, bob machine made wigs, bob U Part wigs. Different wig types of bob wigs have different advantages. People can choose their preferred bob wigs freely.

2) Multiple Hair Colors

Classic natural black bob wigs and bright 613 blonde bob wigs are two main hair colours of bob wigs. They offer different feelings to people. Natural black bob wigs give people a common beauty. 613 blonde bob wigs offer people a shining style. No matter what feeling you want, these two coloured bob wigs can meet all your needs.

3) Different Hair Textures

Bob wigs can match with all different hair textures. Like straight hair, deep wave hair, curly hair, water wave hair, body wave hair, etc. Different hairstyles show their different personalities. It is important to find a hairstyle that suits you most. The suit is best.

West Kiss Hair, a hair company with exquisite workmanship on hair processes and a great reputation. We are committed to creating perfect, beautiful hair products for consumers. In these years, the hair products to well-quality, low price, handsome shape and improve the customer service has won the trust and praise. We will keep having to aim at customer satisfaction as the goal, to provide you with more attractive products, better services.

WeLive » The hair wigs styles suitable for Christmas

As the annual Christmas season approaches, are you well prepared for the coming Christmas? What comes to mind when we think of Christmas? The green Christmas tree, the red Santa hat, the white snowflakes, and the gold bells, are the first things that come to my mind. Normally, people will choose clothes or accessories similar to these colors to fit the festive atmosphere. Hair is no exception, so have you found the wig to wear for Christmas? What kind of wig is best for Christmas?

1.99J wig

99J color is the burgundy color. And this is a good color for Christmas. When it comes to choosing a wig for Christmas, Burgundy is definitely my first choice. Not as bright as red, but very special and active. You can choose the texture you want. A 99J body wave wig will make you look elegant and attractive; 99J deep wave lace frontal wigs appear more youthful. And West Kiss has some long length 99J lace frontal wigs in stock at the moment. If you like this color, do not hesitate!   


2.Blonde lace front wig

After red, the most popular color for Christmas is gold. So the second color I suggest is blonde colored wigs. There are different blonde colors. If you would like to buy a blonde wig, I suggest you choose #613 blonde wigs and honey blonde lace wigs. For 613 blonde lace frontal wigs, the lace is transparent which can match all skin tones. So choose this wig, and you'll be the brightest thing about Christmas.

Honey blonde is not light as #613 blond wigs, it’s a little darker. But it’s also a color that works for all skin tones. Compared with the bright 613 color, the #27 honey blond is more like the color of warm light. It's also great for Christmas.

3.Curly lace front wig

Having said the choice of hair color, then it is time to say something about the choice of texture. Curly lace frontal wig must be the top one I recommend. First of all, this wig will give the visual impression that your hair is rich and full. Secondly, this wig is suitable for any person and any skin color. And when curly hair gets wet, it takes on a completely different style from dry hair. 

4.Headband wig

If you're new to wigs, or you just want to wear them on Christmas Day, I highly recommend buying the headband wigs. Compared to human hair lace wigs, headband wigs are very easy to install and remove. You only need to take 5 minutes to install it. You can change the headbands of different colors and styles. So this wig is also a good choice for Christmas.

You can buy all the wigs I mentioned above at West Kiss Hair. To celebrate the arrival of Christmas, West Kiss Hair has also launched a Christmas promotion sale. 




$599-$36 Code:“XMAS36”‖ $299-$16 Code:“XMAS16”

Save $10 OVER $199 Code ☛ “XMAS10”


Go to West Kiss and buy your own Christmas wig!

WeLive » transparent lace

First, let’s clear about what is transparent lace, what is HD lace, and what’s the difference between transparent lace and HD lace.

  1. Transparent Lace

    Transparent lace is the lightest color lace that sits on your hairline and looks very natural. They come in all types including frontals and closures as well.

  2. HD Lace

    A real HD lace is the thin and soft Swiss lace, it is a transparent, natural-looking and see-through lace that matches the complexion you have because it sits on your scalp like an adhesive invisible shield.

  3. The Difference

    HD lace is a new name of Swiss lace, a kind of lace that is thinner and more transparent, and transparent lace is the regular lace in transparent color.

transparent lace front wig

We often recommend the transparent regular lace to light skin tone girls, but recently we found that transparent color lace can melt to any skin tone after we bleach the hair knots and glue down the hairline. That’s why people like to wear transparent lace front wig.

And according to the features of the lace material itself, HD lace (Swiss lace) is thinner and more delicate and see-through than transparent regular lace, so more and more wig wears ask for HD lace wigs.

WeLive » WeLive Pilot Monitoring

WeLive has just published a new data refining solution 'WeLive Pilot Monitoring' at the Cloud'N' marketplace!

Please post your feedback and questions onto this Forum.