V Part Wig

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The v part wig has a v-shaped opening at the front of the wig cap. You can take out your natural hair from the v-shaped opening. Some people think of the u-part wig and the v part wig as the same type. In fact, the size of the v-shaped opening is much smaller than that of the u part wig, so the v-part wig is also called a thin part wig.

What are the advantages of a v-part wig?


V part wig is much cheaper than lace wig, but natural-looking as same. So people can get a high-quality and natural wig at an affordable price.

Easy and fast to wear and go

V part wig is a glueless wig, so you don’t need to cut and glue the lace. It is very easy to wear and take off a v-part wig. What is more, busy people can save much time and energy on it?


You can pull a small part of your natural hair out of the v-shaped opening, so the hair wig can blend well in with your natural hair and you don't need to worry about the scalp showing.

Breathable and comfortable

The v-shaped opening and overall design allow your natural hair to breathe. There's no doubt that you will be relaxed when you wear a v part wig.