What is the Headband Wig

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A human hair wig is an essential thing in your daily life, now the headband wigs are so popular and today we will help you know familiar with suck kind wigs.

How the headband wig be made

The headband wig is a new type of wig that's easy to put on and take off, it's just a piece of headband-like material, if you look closely, you'll see a small bump at the seam of the black headband, that's the stretchy soft part with the sticky Velcro.

The internal structure of the headband wig is similar to the regular hat structure behind the lace, and it has three combs, one on the right, one on the left, and one on the back, to help reinforce the wig without slipping out.

Some differences between headband wigs and regular lace wigs:

We believe these differences will help you know them better

1. Installation

The headband is easy to put on, just throw it on your head, fasten the headband behind your ear, put it on in seconds, no glue, no lace, and easy to adjust, just Use Velcro. But lace wigs require glue to install, a few different complicated steps to install, and when you want to adjust it, you also have to take it off, brush your hairline again, and use glue to adjust.

Regular lace wigs are considered more sophisticated than headband wigs.

2. Hairline

Headband wigs allow you to show off your hairline, which you can only use while wearing a headband wig. Regular wigs come in three hairline options: pre-drawn, natural, and widow's peak, and you can choose the one you like without having to deal with your hairline. Regular wigs offer more options for your hairline.

3. Price

The price of headband wigs is friendly for those with limited funds. Both headband wigs and regular wigs are made of 100% human hair, but headband wigs are more competitively priced and you can choose whatever you like. Headband wigs are cheaper than regular wigs. Every girl can get affordable headband wigs.

Tips to wear headband wigs naturally

Sometimes your face shape can affect the effect of a headband wig. Part of wearing a headband wig naturally is knowing how to wear headbands for different face shapes.

1. If your face is oval

When wearing the headband wig, don't push the headband back any more, because it will almost push up on your oval face and then fall off the back, it will be a little weird, so wearing it around the hairline will be nice, stable and natural.

2. If you have a long face

When you wear a headband wig, you can choose a curly or braided one, even if you can choose a headband wig with added bangs, it will look more natural with a wide headband on top.

3. If your face is round

The best headband wigs are 20 inches or more in length to make the face look longer.


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