You Need to Know About Bob wigs

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Bob lace Wig is additionally called Short Bob Wig. Julia Short Bob wig hair is 100 human hair wig with no other blended fibers. There's 4x4 and 5x5 lace closure wigs and lace front wigs like 13 x 4, 13 x 6 or full lace wigs, 360 lace frontal wigs which are with most of all the lace inside the wig cap for human hair wigs.

For bob wigs, the hair length for bob short lace wigs is typically 8-14 inches. Julia Bob wig features a natural hairline and baby hair with an equivalent density as real hair.

Bob wigs are often divided into four sorts of full lace Bob wig, front lace Bob wig, and mechanism Bob wig. The complete lace Bob wig is formed by the technician who hands crocheted the important human hair within the lace net. It takes about 30 days to crochet an all-lace wig.

And therefore the full lace wig has an equivalent hair sequence. Popular Bob front lace wig was hand-woven with lace only at the front. The remainder was machine-crocheted. These high-quality Bob hair are all 100% human hair, which can offer you different experiences thanks to different techniques.

What Makes Bob Wig Great?

Sometimes now, there exists a debated topic on what makes Bob Wig so high in demand, this argument has mixed reaction from men who dislike bob wigs but cannot distinguish between a human hair bob wig and a synthetic bob wigs. Keep on reading to learn what makes Bob wig so great.

Today, many types of bob wigs are available, and they all have admirers who wear them regularly as their daily hair. It does not mean that because you consider one type as your most preferred type of bob wigs or as the best, everyone else will agree with you, at least some people will differ with your perception or thought.

Short Bob Wig Styling Tips.

You would like a hair cap to cover your hair. It’s best to settle on a cap that’s on the brink of your complexion, so it’s harder to ascertain the scalp underneath your wig, especially for wigs without bangs.

Prep your natural hair with braids, cornrows, or a ponytail, then use a ski cap to stay hair on the brink of your head and make a smooth flat surface.

Wash your scalp with soap and water to make sure the appliance area is oil-free. Spray scalp protector directly on your head to act as a barrier between your skin and therefore the adhesive.

Gently pull your hair into the specified place and adjust where necessary, so your wig sits on your head where it’s comfortable.

Apply the adhesive with the comb to areas onto which the wig will attach. Using the cool air setting, blow-dry the adhesive for about 30 seconds.

Then you would like to trim the lace closure. Clip the hair on either side of your face back.

Then cut away the surplus lace at the front of your wig. Use hair clips to lock your Bob wig hair retreat from your scalp line.

Trim any lace that stands proud past the wig hairline employing a pair of sharp scissors.

Cut small amounts of lace at a time to avoid accidentally cutting an excessive amount of.

Take care to not cut any of the wig hair. Leave a touch lace on the surface of the hairline to make baby hair that appears more natural.

Remove any clips and elegance the baby hairs to your liking.