Instagram account marlinsnetwork leaked the first on Tuesday night

1 message, no reply - 190 views , plus three alternatives revealed on Wednesday by reporters Andy Slater and Craig Mish."WhiteFanposts Sections News & RumorsAnalysisPodcastsProspects & DraftGame CoverageFull ArchiveMasthead Social Marlins Players on TwitterFish Stripes on InstagramMarlins Media Members Fish Stripes Best of 2018 Marlins StoriesScheduleRosterStatsCommunity Guidelines StubHub 鉁昅iami Marlins News and RumorsAt least 4 Miami Marlins logo designs being considered for 2019 rebrandNew,16commentsInstagram account marlinsnetwork leaked the first on Tuesday night, plus three alternatives revealed on Wednesday by reporters Andy Slater and Craig Mish.logo and color scheme (left) compared to previously released version (right)Photos by marlinsnetwork/Instagram and MLB.comOn the heels of Monday’s “Slater Scoop” describing the upcoming Miami Marlins logo change, we now have a sneak peek at the franchise’s potential color schemes for 2019 and beyond.MLB released Spring Training logos earlier this fall with team logos printed near the bottom. Instagram account marlinsnetwork shared an updated image Tuesday night that allegedly shows the new logos:The logo is not scheduled to be officially unveiled by the Marlins until November.Andy Slater previously mentioned that it would feature more blue than the existing logo, a new font for the “M” and an “adjusted” look to the marlin. This checks all of those boxes.However, this is but one of at least four designs being considered before the Fish submit to Major League Baseball for approval, Craig Mish explained late Wednesday morning.In 2018, the Marlins began phasing orange out of their color scheme, removing it from their regular season uniform rotation. All of these proposals would be consistent with that trend, changing the left/right borders on the Spring Training logo to either blue or red.Initial reactions to the marlinsnetwork post were mixed. There’s general approval of the color choice Mookie Wilson Jersey , but criticism of the design itself. The team logo is not in high resolution—zooming in causes it to pixelate. The quality is slightly better on Mish’s versions, so we’ll be interested to see how fans respond to the finer details of those designs.It is fairly common in the sports world for logo “prototypes” to get out for exactly this purpose: gauging public sentiment. Chris Creamer of did a side-by-side comparison of how the logo has evolved over the franchise’s 26-year history:SportsLogos.netIn case you missed it, the leak occurred within 12 hours of a completed V铆ctor V铆ctor Mesa-related trade and Miami-Dade county granting the Marlins permission to relocate their home run sculpture. On a day when both MLB Championship Series were in action, a 98-loss team somehow dominated the news cycle. TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno said the team has had internal discussions regarding a new contract for outfielder Mike Trout, who can become a free agent after the 2020 season.The two-time AL MVP is owed $33.25 million in each of the next two seasons, completing a $144.5 million, six-year contract.“One of the last interviews I gave I said it’s not in the back of our mind but in the front of our minds,” Angels Moreno said Monday.The 27-year-old Trout did not want to discuss his contract situation on the Angels’ first day of full squad workouts.“I enjoy it here. I’m having fun,” he said. “Obviously , losing’s not fun but I enjoy playing this game. I leave it out on the field every night, every day and I go from there.”Trout has heard from plenty of fans back home in the Philadelphia area about where they’d like him to play.“I don’t think I went a day this offseason without somebody saying, ‘Hey, when are you coming to Philly?'” Trout said. “I can’t predict the future. I don’t know.”The Philadelphia Phillies have expressed interest in high profile free agents Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.“I’m an Eagles fan, and I know how we are,” Trout said. “If you’re going good, we love them. Fans appreciate hustle all the time. They like 100 percent effort. Even if you’re struggling, if you show them you’re giving 100 percent, they see that and they respect that. I don’t know how many times I heard, ‘Is Harper coming?’ I don’t know. It’s not a good direction for baseball when these guys aren’t signed.”Moreno is not against long-term contracts. He signed Albert Pujols to a $240 million Gary Carter Jersey , 10-year contract in December 2011.“If we don’t give a long-term contract, Albert doesn’t come here,” Moreno said. “He’s been great for the franchise, a really special player. You try not to go back too far for paying for something he’s already done, but you also look at the player and see what he really means to the franchise. We’re always trying to sell fan experience. We’re not going to win every night but we want to be in a situation where fans come to the ballpark and they get an opportunity to see some of the best players.”Notes: Angels manager Brad Ausmus said RHP Matt Harvey, bothered by a glute strain, threw off the mound on Monday. … OF Justin Upton will be sidelined for a few days because of right knee patella tendinitis, Ausmus said.