Teamcenter Visulization Mockup 10.1 no rotations

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I had my 3D mouse working great for both applications untill Christmas break. Then one day over break at home, I could not get any rotations in Vis View. I thought I had broken the 3D mouse so I opened Creo. It rotated with no issues at all. So I thought I had accidentally turned off rotations in Vis. Nope. I uninstalled my config and made new ones, rotations turned on.

Creo everything works great. In Vis everything works put tilt/spin/roll. I have that box checked in the config file for Mockup. The 3D mouse displays that is the application that is running. I have tried it dozens of times. Double checked rotations are on the mouse itself. Just will not work. What have I done to make this function stop working in Mockup when it works great in Creo? Is there an option in Mockup itself it ignore these inputs?



Please help


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