Dialog System Mockup(s)

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One of the plans for BZFlag 2.6 is a dialog system. This would allow for the server (either through normal functionality or custom plugins) to trigger dialogs on the client. This would, for instance, reduce the need for the majority of the slash commands. Banning and kicks could be done through a pop-up dialog that can be manipulated with mouse, keyboard, or gamepad. I'll be posting some mockups here to get some feedback on the layout. These mockups will be just that.. mockups. Their aesthetic look will not be representative of the final product as I'm just trying to experiment with layouts.

One thing I would like to move to a dialog is the team selection. The main reason for this is that having the team selection pre-join means that the team selection is useless on some game modes (such as rabbit chase servers) or less useful in some configurations (such as servers with automatic team selections). So instead of choosing a team on the Join Game menu, I feel it would be better to pick a team after connecting and downloading the world. So, the first mockup I made is what the team selection dialog could look like.


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