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Mockup Provider » Lace Closure Install VS Lace Frontal Install

What are the differences between lace front wigs and lace closure wigs, and how to install them correctly? You will find the answer in today’s article, please kindly read on.

1.What is the lace closure?

  The lace area of lace closure normally is smaller than the lace frontal. Lace closure only places at the middle front top of the head, and the cover part of the closure is also limited, it can’t cover the whole human’s forehead.

Lace closure normally including 2x6 lace closure, 4x4 lace closure wigs, 5x5 lace closure, 6x6 lace closure. 

2.What is the lace frontal?

  Lace frontal normally has a much wider width than lace closure, it can widely cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear.

Lace HD frontal wig normally including 13x4 lace frontal, 13x6 lace frontal.

3.Lace Closure Install VS Lace Frontal Install

1)Lace Frontal Install

The installation of a lace front wig normally need 3 steps:

Firstly, make your own hair get flat and plaster down to your scalp. If you want to get the most natural and real hair look, you just need to make your own hair as flat as you can. Here are the detailed steps in this process: you need to flatten your hair down with gel and secure the hair with some extra bobby pins. If you are a long Brazilian lace wig,  you’d better scrape back your hair in a ponytail, then tie it into a flat bun. Besides, you could wear an extra hair cap to help secure and protect your real hair. Especially note that all your hair needs to be packed into the cap to make sure to garner a much better effect.

Secondly, it’s time to try on the wig. Carefully make sure the edge of the wig is matching your hairline accurately. An adjustable strap behind every wig also can help you to adjust the tightness of the wig to achieve a better fit. 

Thirdly, using glue to gluing lace on your head is necessary, the more stable you want your wig is, the more layers of glue you need to spread on. The next step is using scissors to trim the lace to combine it with your own hairlines. 

Finally, all steps are complete.

Although the installation is a little complicated for beginners, it can reflect a better and more natural wig look.

2)Lace Closure Install

  The installation of lace closure wigs is roughly the same as lace front wigs. It also needs 3 steps.

  Firstly, get your own hair flat.

  Secondly, try on the wig.

  Thirdly, secure the wig with clips and an adjustable strap, no need to use glue.

  Seemly the installation of lace closure wigs is more convenient than lace front wigs. Lace closure wigs are more suitable for beginners.

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Mockup Provider » PCR Test Dublin

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Mockup Provider » How To Care For Your Short Bob Wigs?

All human hair products need a proper way to care and style then it will make the wigs last longer than usual and today we will update the blog about the methods to take care of the short human hair bob wigs.

Bob Wig is a kind of cheap human hair wigs also called short human hair wigs or bob human hair wigs. These kind of wigs are usually short and bouncy and suitable for all kinds of customers especially for the guys who are busy on working or mothers who do not have time or energy to style long hair or the hair wig beginners.

So big advantage of bob wigs is short and also lower density than the normal wigs and then what we should take care on the bob wigs is about the density and the shedding and tangles and also the parting style problems.

Here are some short bob wigs maintenance tips to help you in keeping your bob wigs looking glamorous and splendorous.

Ensure you wash it regularly. Although this depends on how often you wear your bob wigs. Wash them at least once a fortnight. Consider this washing procedure:

Gently and softly detangling the hair using a comb

Rinsing your bob wigs by suing lukewarm water; when doing it, don’t soak entire bob wig.

Shampooing the wig properly; message every bit of the bob wigs with high-quality hair shampoo.

Conditioning is also essential. When conditioning, make sure you avoid the roots.

Wetting again with lukewarm water

You can blow drying or air drying the bob wig.

Keep it away from high temperatures because high temperatures tend to weaken the hair.

Never comb your bob wig when it is wet. Let it blow dry or air dry and only comb it when you are confident that it is scorched. Use a broad comb brush, and as you do it, begin from the ends and work your way to the top to avoid unnecessary shedding.

Always keep this tip in mind that whenever you are not putting on your bob wig, make sure that you store it properly most preferably in its original package to avoid tangling and messing it up. Whenever you want to use it again, you will find it in its good-looking condition.

How to Make A Short Bob Lace Wig Look Natural?

Choose a high-quality lace front wigs

Go for the right lace front wig textures which are most appropriate for your face shape

Selecting the right colour of the lace front wig according to your skin

Purchasing the lace front wig cap suits your head well

Using the appropriate method to sew in the lace front wig

Taking good care of your lace front wig is vital

Mockup Provider » Why Is Bob Wig So Popular?

Modern bob wigs are available in every ‘style of bob’  that you can think of. From the classic, timeless ‘bob’ cut to shaggy ‘bob’ haircuts. They are officially one of the most popular style requests that we get. Young or old and whatever your face shape, you can guarantee that there will be short bob wigs style that will suit you.

Why Is Bob Wig So Popular?

These days, increasingly, women opt to wear bob wigs. The bob wigs market is enormous; the demand of women for bob wigs is encouraging and is increasing year by year. Here are a few reasons why so many people of all ages opt to choose to wear bob wigs regularly in their daily life.

With bob wigs, you do not need to be concerned with any hair issues you may have. Wearing bob wigs can assist you to conceal these issues.

Bob wigs save time.

Many people are living busy lives. Perhaps, you are a business person who needs to travel a lot, you are a student having full classes, or you are a married woman who needs to take care of home and to go to work as well. With all this full of activity, you do not have much time to style your hair, so, just putting a bob wig on, which makes you look great and appealing.

Bob wigs give you options to try different hairstyles you like.

You can change your hair colour anytime you wish; you can try a lot of different textures a shot. With colored bob wigs, you will never feel bored on particular hairstyles.

Bob Wigs are an ideal choice for protecting your natural hair.

Wearing a hairstyle, you do not want to dye your hair or ironing, beaching it, which will damage the hair, so a lot of people will opt to wear bob wigs and give their hair a break.

With bob wigs, you can save a lot of many. People often spent a lot of money in styling their hair in the salon every month. However, you can get any style by wearing a bob wig. Anytime you feel to change the hairstyle, you can uninstall the bob wig and back to your usual style, without having to pay for the haircut again.

What Is The Best Weave Hair For A Bob?

Are you searching for the best weave for a bob? Julia Hair is one of the best wholesale hair vendors that sell the best hair weave to make a natural-looking bob. Julia Hair specializes in the best human hair for a sew-in weave with all the popular styles available. We sell high-quality products. All our hair is 100% human hair. With Julia Hair, no shedding, they are all tangle-free. They are easy to style, care for and comfortable to wear.

Mockup Provider » You Need to Know About Bob wigs

Bob lace Wig is additionally called Short Bob Wig. Julia Short Bob wig hair is 100 human hair wig with no other blended fibers. There's 4x4 and 5x5 lace closure wigs and lace front wigs like 13 x 4, 13 x 6 or full lace wigs, 360 lace frontal wigs which are with most of all the lace inside the wig cap for human hair wigs.

For bob wigs, the hair length for bob short lace wigs is typically 8-14 inches. Julia Bob wig features a natural hairline and baby hair with an equivalent density as real hair.

Bob wigs are often divided into four sorts of full lace Bob wig, front lace Bob wig, and mechanism Bob wig. The complete lace Bob wig is formed by the technician who hands crocheted the important human hair within the lace net. It takes about 30 days to crochet an all-lace wig.

And therefore the full lace wig has an equivalent hair sequence. Popular Bob front lace wig was hand-woven with lace only at the front. The remainder was machine-crocheted. These high-quality Bob hair are all 100% human hair, which can offer you different experiences thanks to different techniques.

What Makes Bob Wig Great?

Sometimes now, there exists a debated topic on what makes Bob Wig so high in demand, this argument has mixed reaction from men who dislike bob wigs but cannot distinguish between a human hair bob wig and a synthetic bob wigs. Keep on reading to learn what makes Bob wig so great.

Today, many types of bob wigs are available, and they all have admirers who wear them regularly as their daily hair. It does not mean that because you consider one type as your most preferred type of bob wigs or as the best, everyone else will agree with you, at least some people will differ with your perception or thought.

Short Bob Wig Styling Tips.

You would like a hair cap to cover your hair. It’s best to settle on a cap that’s on the brink of your complexion, so it’s harder to ascertain the scalp underneath your wig, especially for wigs without bangs.

Prep your natural hair with braids, cornrows, or a ponytail, then use a ski cap to stay hair on the brink of your head and make a smooth flat surface.

Wash your scalp with soap and water to make sure the appliance area is oil-free. Spray scalp protector directly on your head to act as a barrier between your skin and therefore the adhesive.

Gently pull your hair into the specified place and adjust where necessary, so your wig sits on your head where it’s comfortable.

Apply the adhesive with the comb to areas onto which the wig will attach. Using the cool air setting, blow-dry the adhesive for about 30 seconds.

Then you would like to trim the lace closure. Clip the hair on either side of your face back.

Then cut away the surplus lace at the front of your wig. Use hair clips to lock your Bob wig hair retreat from your scalp line.

Trim any lace that stands proud past the wig hairline employing a pair of sharp scissors.

Cut small amounts of lace at a time to avoid accidentally cutting an excessive amount of.

Take care to not cut any of the wig hair. Leave a touch lace on the surface of the hairline to make baby hair that appears more natural.

Remove any clips and elegance the baby hairs to your liking.

Mockup Provider » What is Bob Wigs?

What is Bob Wigs?

Historically, bob wig is a short wig with bobs usually worn in British courts. Now, it is widely renowned among women of all ages throughout the world. It is a classic hair, specially designed for ladies who like short hair. It is a unique style, a perfect solution for women who have an interest in clean-cut hairstyle.

Short bob wigs give you the most natural look. Bob wigs can be curly, sleek, flirty and straight. When it comes to its construction, this hair type is available to lace front wigs, full lace wigs, non-lace wigs and u-part wigs. Besides, you can get in touch with Julia Hair for best bob wig styles for face shape, skin colors, etc.

What Are The Characteristics Of Bob Wigs?

There are several characteristics of a bob wig. If you are thinking of creating a new look, it might benefit from considering using beautiful bob wigs that are available at KN Hair now. Here are five characteristics of big wigs.

Styles: With short bob wigs, you can easily make a simple and effective new look. This feature makes it easy for you to quickly change the length of hair if you want the short, wavy hair or a long bob haircut. This feature also allows you to lift your mood. It is also ideal if you are feeling a little fiery.

Easy to style: These high-quality bob wigs are natural to style and brush. They are straightforward to brush and style the hair to get the yearned look. With this feature, you don’t need to be worried about the hair might seem grubby at the back since you are going to place it on a mannequin before putting it on your head. By doing that, you will have the confidence, knowing that every hair is in the right place.

Haircuts: With this characteristic, you can save money on haircuts. A permanent bob wig wearer is sure to save a lot of many over the long term on the regular cutting and styling sessions at the hair salon.

Easy to maintain: Bob Wigs are easy to maintain. You need to wash them at regular intervals to avoid getting greasy and dirty.

Conceals Hair Issues: These high-quality short human hair wigs can appear just as high as your natural hair and can help to retain a lot of the confidence that might have lost when the hair related problem was first experienced. They are perfect for everyone who just wants a break from the concerns of maintaining their natural hair; bob wigs conceal most of these issues.

Mockup Provider » Where To Buy HD Lace Wigs?

We all know that HD lace human hair wig is very popular among black women. Along with the high requirement on fashion. Common lace frontal wig can not meet some African girls, they are pursuit more natural and comfortable look with human hair lace wig. So Hd lace wig come out.

HD lace wig which is means the lace in front is invisible. HD lace wig is a new fashion trend on the lace wig market. We provide quality HD lace with the affordable price. Today let us share you something about HD lace wigs.

What is the HD Lace Wig?

HD lace wig which is a kind of lace front wig, the most different from normal lace is the front. HD lace wig which used the quality invisible swiss lace. It will match all kind of skin tone. You never worry to use the make up powder to fix your lace color.

It is extremely important to choose the right virgin human hair wigs. Lace front wigs human hair is one of the most popular hair wigs on the market. It is very light, silky and lustrous. 100% real virgin human hair has never been processed or treated with any kind of chemicals, and the hair is in its natural state with its cuticles running in the same direction and intact. You can bleach, dye and process the hair type just as you would your own.

Julia HD lace wigs, widely known for the best quality & inexpensive hair, offers an extensive range of the most popular lengths, volume and on-trend colors for hair including blond and ombre.

Where Can I Buy HD Lace Wigs?

Julia hair online store is the first choice because you can really see and feel the hair bundles because buy it. But the disadvantage is that the price is higher. Cross-Border Electronic Commerce is more and more popular now. You have multiple choices.

There are aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, some company of hair sales website. The price may be a little cheaper, but you have to open your eyes to find the best hair quality and with affordable price. Why it is cheaper to buy hair online? Because you don’t need to pay for middle man as agent fee between you and hair factory. 

Julia hair is one of the best human hair company for you, we have a new payment method - Installment. You can buy now pay later with Quadpay. Split any payment into 4 installments on with free charge. 

Julia hair company is professional human hair wigs wholesale hair vendor, hair factory is located at Xuchang China.

Buying HD Lace Wigs Wholesale

Wholesale human hair wigs is available at Julia Hair Mall. You will get good quality for affordable price lace wigs human hair at Enter into the page and leave your message, or you can directly contact our customer service online for wholesale price. The more you buy, the more discount you will get.

Mockup Provider » Why Choose HD Lace Wigs?

Be bleached to match your skin tone

These real hair wigs can be styled to suit your ebony personality. As earlier mentioned, similarly, it can be parted to suit your fashion taste. You can easily bleach the transparent base of the lace according to your skin tone, thus, ensuring compatibility.

Fit for various occasions

Unlike some other type of cheap human hair wigs that may not match numerous occasions, these good quality wigs can be worn to various events such as birthday parties, weddings, graduation ceremonies, trips, and daily outings. It is just the right fit wherever and whenever!


Unlike most wigs, all HD lace wigs come with a natural hairline where the baby hairs have already been plucked. This means that whenever you wear your HD lace wig, the hairline will look just like your own hair. Isn’t that amazing? You wouldn’t have to go through the stress of plucking your wig. 

Realistic appearance

The hair strands in HD lace front wigs are attached securely to the wig cap. This makes it almost invisible until you take a very close look. So whenever you rock your HD lace wig with your beautiful ebony skin, people will never guess that you are on a wig, which is precisely what you’ll want them to think!

Style versatility

One interesting fact about this fantastic wig is that you can part your hair anyhow and anywhere you want without worrying that people might see an unattractive base. 

 With HD lace wigs, you can style your hair into a bun, make a ponytail, weave it, make a cornrow, or lay it. You are absolutely free to do any style of your choosing.


Most regular lace front wigs have solid wig caps that do not allow your scalp to breathe. This is why most people feel hot and uncomfortable in them. But with HD lace wigs, it is bye to discomfort! 

HD lace wig caps are soft and comfortable. Besides, the lace front is Swiss-made, which is so sheer. This makes it easier for your scalp to breathe, and you wouldn’t even feel it.

Wear for long periods

You can only confidently wear quality wigs for an extended period without worrying about whether it will shift. Well, you had better wear an HD lace wig if you want to confidently rock a wig for long periods.

Mockup Provider » You Need To Know About HD Lace Wigs

Do not miss out on the new trends in the market. HD lace wigs is a new beauty and fashionable hair in the market that appropriately fits all types of skin complexion. Finding the appropriate and perfect wig brings confidence to you, and HD lace offers marvelous benefits.

HD lace wigs refer to the wigs made by HD lace frontal or HD transparent lace closure wig that is invisible and undetectable. They are made using an undetectable lace cap and 100% Virgin Hair. It can be styled differently and parted anywhere. Overall, HD lace is a new lace material that is superior to the normal transparent lace.

The HD lace wigs are the next big thing in the beauty industry and human hair accessories. The HD lace wigs are made of royal lace material commonly referred to as the Swiss lace. The material is invisible and undetectable when placed on the scalp. The lace is very thin and more ventilated to create comfort when applied on the scalp.

The film lace is the finest in texture and thickness. Unlike the transparent lace, the HD lace is translucent in look, and you do not need to dye it since it effortlessly melts into your skin to give you a perfect look. The invisible HD lace makes ensures that you have an exposed hairline that is natural and undetectable.


HD stands for "high definition". HD lace is a royal lace material that used to be called Swiss lace, and which is invisible when applied to the scalp. This ensures that the wig-wearer can have an exposed hairline, which looks very natural and renders the lace along the hairline highly undetectable.

The feature of hd lace wig.

1.We all would like our human hair lace wig looks natural and complex with our own skin well. It looks the hair grown up from your own scalp.

3. If you are not good at bleached knots, go ahead and purchase hd lace wig will be the best choice. You need not to bleach the knots and just go and install it.

4. With baby hair around. Baby hair will make your lace wig more natural.

5. Quality human hair. We choose 100% virgin human hair to make it into the lace wig. The lace in the front we choose the quality real hd swiss lace.