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WeLive » Goes on to provide several essential tips for hair care

It is easy to neglect the condition of the hair since a majority of us focus on the wellbeing of our bodies and face. There is a small percentage of people who also actively care for their hair. There are several simple steps one can take to prevent damage to our hair. This article goes on to provide several essential tips for hair care.

Top 8 hair care tips

  • Washing human hair regularly is a good way to ensure your scalp and hair is free from dirt.

  • The presence of excess oil in the hair is not good for your hair either. Regular washing can help solve this issue.

  • Excessive washing can be bad for those with dry hair; in this case, limit washing to only twice a week.

  • The shampoo you use should ideally be one that is free from chemicals and one that does not contain toxic substances.

  • The headband wig of those working or playing outdoors or involved in any other activity is bound to be affected by various environmental factors, however, there are several precautions one can take to minimize damage.

  • Blow drying your hair is a simple method of styling it. However, one should take additional precautions when using a blow dryer and invest in a good quality dryer.

  • It is not advisable to go to bed with wet hair since this can damage the hair.

  • Several additional treatments can be used prior to using shampoo. Some of the popular pre-shampoo treatments include using oil and massage. The main purpose of this is to improve blood circulation and help one relax. It also helps nourish the hair, boost shine, restore moisture, and repair split ends.

WeLive CNS » A new fashion trend in hair

U part human hair wig is a new fashion trend in beauty. people who wear the U part wig create a natural and invisible hairline by their own hair. U part wig is a wig with a leave-out u shape. customers fulfill u part by their own hair. There are many sizes for u shape and so on.

You can divide it into many sides by this u part hair. There are 5 clips on the wig cap, you can clip the wig on your own hair braids which you braid before you clip. The clips can make the wig stable on your head. strands on the back of the wig cap which can be adjusted. So please don't worry about the size of the wig, the wig size is an international standard, if you are not sure which size you are, you can purchase this 21 inches to 23 inches, when you use it, you can adjust the size fit your head.

Human hair u part wig is a machine-made human hair wig, hair masters sew in hair bundles on the wig cap by machine along with the hair tracks. The materials they use are 100 human hair, sew in hair, no chemical, no lice, no split, natural color, and shiny.

Agience Oy Ltd » Do you want to know some introductions about lace part wig?

Lace part virgin human hair is making waves in the beauty world, with more than 150000 people posting and counting on Instagram or Pinterest or some other social media.  The lace part Wig is extremely easy to wear.  One 100% virgin hair wig ergonomic are designed suitable for everyone. All you need to do is put the hair Wig over your head and adjust the snaps on either side to hold some messed hair. There is also an adjustable band on the back that can be used to adjust the tightness, and just subtract the extra lace part on the front finally. All this ensures that you can put on this human hair quickly. Its high quality also ensures that it can be worn for a long time. 

The hair Wig is ombre dyeing with all kinds of colors. When you want to dye a bright and colorful hairstyle but fear that will damage your own original hair, one wig would be your best choice. It is also glue-free, which may prevent bad-quality glue from damaging your health and protect your head skin. The lace part or frontal could protect your own hair well, while you can have beautiful hair. 

One Body wave Wig is very light and eye-catching, it is a trending product. This Wig makes women fashionable and inspirational. It is suitable for any occasion, whether you are participating in a party, going to work or attending a date with your boyfriend. I ensure that he will love you more with a Wig human hairstyle.


WeLive Uusimaa » Best Gifts On Valentine's Day 2022 has started a live feed for mobile users. Whenever a visitor visits their website with mobile devices, she will see a feed at the bottom. This feed will help in getting real customers’ feedbacks, getting discount coupons, earning points, as well as meeting new friends! If anybody is satisfied with their products, she can post a feed here and she will get a heavy discount while placing orders at

They are offering up to $21 off + 100 points for one day.

Nadula is a global human hair brand that offers luxurious products. They have offered many creations as well as innovations since inception. Their products are loved by customers across the globe for real and natural hair roots, smooth and soft texture, dynamic colors, and gorgeous looks. Nadula has a great reputation for its uninterrupted hunt of innovation, expertise in scientific development & research, as well as and outstanding quality.

Nadula has always followed its key intention while making this great business of encouraging women to become brave, self-confident, and be within themselves. As a brand, while constantly innovating as well as breaching all the obstacles, making endless possibilities that maintain the image and make a special brand image.

Nadula’s brand spirit has become a key foundation for all their future developments. Its association with fashion pros, the search for innovations in manufacturing technologies, and a hugely devoted customer group are the main reasons for the great success of Nadula Hair and their journey to serve the good looks will last forever!

Their leading products include Nadula ginger color wig, Nadula kinky curly bundles, Nadula sew in body wave, Nadula body wave wig, Nadula curly wig, Nadula water wave wig, Nadula wet and wavy wig, Nadula black wig, Nadula butta lace wig (, Nadula colored lace frontal wigs, and Nadula curly wigs.

Nadula long brown wig:

Nadula water wave bundles:

Nadula loose wave sew ins:

They have a strong sales team, which cares so much about their customers in all the aspects of high-quality services to treat all the customers in the finest way possible! Their staff is always worried about customers’ orders before-sale, during selling, as well as after-sales!

With top-notch and the best services, their product range has got consistent comments as well as feedback from their customers and therefore, Nadula is amongst the most well-known brands in modern women!

About Nadula

Nadula is a global human hair brand that offers luxurious products as well as is a brand ambassador for beauty that brings natural, robust, and luxurious products to women across the globe. Being a top virgin hair supplier, Nadula provides the best hair weaves, human hair wigs, hair bundles having closures, as well as lace closures at the best prices. Nadula has got lots of positive reviews from its customers. Contact Nadula now for more information.

WeLive Uusimaa » Best Gifts On Valentine's Day 2022

The romantic Valentine's Day is only a week away. If you are looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend, it would be unwise to prepare it on the final day. Now is the best time. If you have no idea for a gift, try choosing a 100% real wig for your girlfriend. Of course, if you are a girl planning to buy something for yourself as a gift on Valentine's Day, a new and flawless hair wig will make you shine on your date on February 14th.

Nadula hair store, as one of the leading wig dealers, has always been adhering to the principles of naturally durable and luxury. They have hundreds of hair products in 12 categories to meet the different needs of their customers and promise to supply customers with really good products and the best service.

You can find various hair products made out of 100% human hair, including new HD lace wigs, hot-selling T part wigs, V part wigs, headband half wigs, curly wigs,and hair bundles with closure. Nadula also provides different textures of wigs to meet individual needs, such as bob wigs, straight hair wigs, body wave wigs, curly wigs, water wave wigs, deep wave wigs, and so on.

See their leading items below:

Nadula T part wig:

Nadula V part wig human hair:

Nadula headband wig styles

Nadula long brown wig:

Nadula kinky curly bundle:

Nadula sew in body wave:

Nadula water wave bundles:

Nadula loose wave sew ins:

Nadula kinky straight bundles:

If boys want to give your girlfriend a surprise or girls want to make a refreshing change in look, you can try a Nadula wig. Now, customers can also shop afterpay wigs from with Quad pay, Klarna, Zip, and Paypal pay later.

About Nadula Site:

Nadula Hair has had countless innovations and creations since its birth and always encourages women to be confident, bold, and be themselves. They have served numerous African American girls to show their beautiful appearance and unique personality. Just like the brand, while constantly innovating and breaking the obsolete, creating infinite possibilities, it maintains true self and forms a unique brand image.


Agience Oy Ltd » Klaiyi Hair Announces Their Brand Day Sale

Klaiyi hair brand has officially announced the dates of its Brand Day Sale. Klaiyi is a global brand that deals with various human hair products. During this event, customers from all parts of the world can purchase any hair product they want at incredibly cheaper prices, and the product will be delivered to them because Klaiyi offers flash delivery worldwide.

If you are looking for high-quality hair products at reasonable prices, Klaiyi is your ideal hair brand. That’s because it is well known for its high-quality, unprocessed hair products. And another interesting thing is that this global hair brand offers a wide selection of hairs in different styles, colors, and lengths to suit its customers’ needs and preferences.

“As a global brand, we are glad to announce to our customers our exciting Brand Day Sale, which will allow our customers from different parts of the world to buy our high-quality hair products at cheaper prices, allowing them to save even more. The event will run from January 4th to January 7th,” stated Klaiyi spokesperson.

“We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality hair at very reasonable prices that they won’t find anywhere, and what’s more, we will deliver your hair products right on time without any delays”, continued the spokesperson.

So if you are looking to purchase any type of wig, weave, or hair bundles, you need to take advantage of these crazy offers during this event. During this Klaiyi Brand Day Sale, you will be able to save $20 for orders over $99. You can use the code: Brand20 to enjoy this offer. And if your order is over $179, you will save up to $40. Use the code: Brand40 to take advantage of the offer. There will also be an $89.99 flash sale for lace part wig and an $88.99 flash sale for 6 hair bundles.

If you are planning to buy a human hair wig, weave, or hair bundles this January, this event suits you well. Not only will you be able to choose from a variety of wigs, but you will be able to save a substantial amount of money that you can use on another important thing such as your hobby.

Klaiyi hair is 100% human hair, so they are not processed in any way. If you purchase a water wave hair or any other type of frontal wig, you are guaranteed that it will last longer.

If you are into colored wigs, Klaiyi got you covered. That’s because it has numerous colored wigs that you can choose from. For instance, there are 613 lace wigs you can choose from. And if you are looking for a perfect fall wig, you will readily find them.

Curly lace front wigs are currently the best wigs in the market today, and you can grab them during this event. Additionally, if you prefer a transparent lace wig because of its natural look, you can get it as well because Klaiyi has stocked them in plenty during this Brand Day Sale.

About Klaiyi Hair Brand

Klaiyi Hair is undoubtedly one of the best hair brands in the market. It is based in China and is a leading hair company in human hair products. The company was established in 2009. Since its launch, Klaiyi has been providing its customers with 100% high-quality Remy hair products. And not only that, Klaiyi Hair is well-known for its affordable prices on its hair products. The brand serves various markets, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Count Provider » Klaiyi Hair Announces Winter 2022 Hair Trends

 Klaiyi Hair has announced Winter 2022 Hair Trends from January 8 to January 16

 Klaiyi Hair, the company that stands apart for its amazing range of top-quality hair products, will be launching its Winter 2022 Hair Trends. The offer will start on January 8 and end on January 16, 2022.

“We are happy to announce that our Winter 2022 Trends program will be launched shortly,” says the spokesperson for Klaiyi Hair. “We request all customers to use the relevant codes to avail impressive discounts in select products. This offer will run from January 8 to January 16, 2022.”

Klaiyi Hair is one of the most popular hair websites where customers can find the most comprehensive range of best quality virgin human hair wigs.

Wig lovers can get 20 percent off using the code WT20 on all products and 22 percent off by using the code WT22 for trends wigs at checkout.

Customers can order Klaiyi 613 wig products during the offer period and enjoy hefty discounts. Some of the most popular wigs in this category include Klaiyi 13×4 Honey Blonde 613 Color Human Hair Wigs Silky Straight Lace Frontal Wigs Pre-plucked Baby hair and Klaiyi 613 Honey Blonde Wig Body Wave 12-24 Inches Lace Front Virgin Human Hair Wigs.

Another popular product from the China-based Remy hair company is its V part wig human hair. Customers can choose from the four products available in this category. They include Klaiyi Jerry Curly V Part Wigs Meets Real Scalp and Klaiyi Body Wave V Part Wigs.

Klaiyi Hair frontal wig products are also in huge demand around the year. Customers can choose from 36 exciting styles available in this category. Some fast-moving items in frontal wigs are Klaiyi Natural Water Wave 13x4 Lace Frontal Wigs Virgin Human Hair Wigs 150% Density and Klaiyi Best 13x4 Transparent Lace Frontal Wigs Jerry Curly Human Hair Wigs Thick Density.

The best wigs human hair products from Klaiyi Hair can dramatically transform users’ looks. Customers can pick from a whopping 135 top-quality human hair wigs. These include Klaiyi 100% High-Quality Virgin Human Hair Body Wave Wigs Lace Part Wig Natural Black Hair Wigs and Klaiyi Best 13x4 Transparent Lace Frontal Wigs Jerry Curly Human Hair Wigs Thick Density.

One of the most popular categories in human hair from Klaiyi Hair is the color wigs. They can choose their favorite wig from over 45 products on offer. These include the big sellers like Klaiyi Pre-Colored 1B/30 Ombre Balayage Highlight Shadow Root Body Wave Lace Front Human Hair Wigs and Klaiyi Honey Blonde Highlight Pre Plucked 13x4 Lace Front Wigs Long Curly Human Hair Wigs 180% Density.

For more information about Klaiyi Hair Winter 2022 hair trends, visit 

About Klaiyi Hair:

Klaiyi Hair is a China-based Remy hair company and one of the leading brands in human hair products. It was established in 2009 and is known for its 100 percent human Remy hair products, all accredited with international quality standards. The brand has a good presence in the USA, Europe, and African markets.

Count Provider » 30-inch HD lace wig and Color Wigs Collection for Ladies

Buy the best and top-quality hair wigs at an affordable price range. There are varieties of ideas and quick influencing feature plans that have some values and useful strategies that have values to choose the best hairstyles. Getting quick influence and making sure about smart choices and the interests levels to get ladies' favorite hair wigs. Lace frontal hair wigs and 30-inch HD lace wig designs are of different types that have some values and can be matched according to the preferences and the priorities levels of the people; Make sure which strategies and the parameters are the best buy online shopping ideas.

Useful strategies have some values that can be effective to take right time decisions to choose the best hair wigs, Women like trending hair wigs designs by which they explroe their personalities with unique style appearances. Proceed with easy and smart choices to buy colored wigs that have some values that can be effective and quick responding to choose the best places for shopping. Shopping from online reputed sources has some values that require your personal interests and deep analysis to take the right time decisions about instant shopping plans.

Choose the best and smart choices to place instant ordering and access guaranteed deliveries online with creative and versatile featuring plans. Unique compact frontal wig hairstyles are greatly influenced to enhance the personalities and have unique choices to approach from guaranteed resources. Getting the best and smart choices has some values that require deep interests for the ladies. Lace frontal hairstyles look awesome and beautiful for women.

Getting the best chances and matching with the interests and priorities level shave some values that can be approached from smart choices with step by step integration of plans, Women likes elegant feature hairstyles that have some values and can be approached from smart choices with user-friendly interface. Personality growth has some values that have specific feature plans and can be booked from authentic and smart choices with quick influencing features. The creation of unique strategies can be inspired through instant and smart choices.

Make sure which patterns and preferences are the best and how to approach from verified and smart choices with useful integration of plans. Buy stylish hair wigs for women and show personality importance according to your personality and interests levels. Getting quick influence and making sure about smart choices have some values that can be booked from online verified and smart choices. Unique hairstyles have some values that require useful acknowledgment and have versatile featuring to deliver the best and smart choices.

Women always take careful initiatives to choose the best and smart feature plans that have some values and can be helpful to approach from easy and simple accessibility resources to get satisfied from the simple and useful analysis. Make sure which patterns and parameters are the best and how to get satisfied with stylish hair wigs. Ladies have the best chance to place online ordering with smart choices.

WeLive » how to find lace wigs wholesale and find new lace wigs in Cocovirginhair factory

Whether you're straightening it, pinning it, twisting it or tying it up, hair can be super personal to you, and a major part of your identity. For black women, hair can be connected to femininity and to your self-worth, so what happens when you lose it? For those losing hair due to alopecia, female pattern hair loss, autoimmune diseases, trauma or as a consequence of cancer treatments like chemotherapy, wigs, extensions and hair pieces can be a way to rebuild their relationship with their strands. “Wigs mean confidence,” confirms Manav Mehra, the managing partner of Diva Divine Wigs(good wigs supplier). “The emotional aspects of living with hair loss can be challenging, so wigs hair pieces can help be a salve to that,” he says.

But all wigs are not made equal(human hair bundles). You don't want plastic-looking strands, or a wig that'll blow away or get knotted with the wind. “Wigs and hairpieces are either made of a synthetic fibre that is very low cost, or natural human hair which costs a lot more but has a natural look(lace front wigs), and can be heat styled easily. The hair quality used on the wigs will greatly determine the look and the longevity,” says Mehra. “The wig should feel natural and comfortable and the user should not feel burdened by the weight, as wigs can be worn for long periods of time. There should be no irritation on the user's head due to the cap or clips,” he says. “There are many lengths, colours and textures available in wigs and the user can choose a wig that matches their face, style as well as the look that they are going for. The wig form wigs factory should ideally match the client's needs and real hair wigs can be customised to do so.”

Agience Oy Ltd » what hairstyle wigs do you want to take?

How many wigs do you need to pack? what hairstyle do you want to take?

Longer hairstyles, such as long hair with a centre part or a layered bob, will be harder to pack. You may want to consider buying two ombre human hair wigs of the same hairstyle for your trip if they are long enough so that if one gets damaged, you have a spare.

However, if you want to have a wonderful, I really suggest taking more wigs, the different wigs can be suitable with more clothes to make yourself be more attractive.


West Kiss Hair wigs have a variety of types for black women, such as lace front wigs, headband wigs, lace part wigs, u part wigs, v part wigs, short bob wigs, HD lace wigs in any style and color for your choice.

Short hair like a bob lace wig is easier to pack because in general, the shorter the hairstyle of the wig on the head, the smaller it is. A long bob will be harder than a bob wig with bangs. So, if you plan to travel with short hair, then take quite a few short hair wigs with you just in case one of them gets damaged during transportation.

What Are Wig Care Products and Tools To Consider Bringing?

A wide-tooth comb: remember to gently brush your wig after every time you use it and before you put your wig on the stand.

Wig Shampoo & Conditioner: Your wig might get wet or dirty during your trip so it's a good idea to wash it. It can be tempting to use the hotel's 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner to wash your wig, but it's best to bring travel-size separate shampoo and conditioner bottles which will be kinder to your wig.


Curling iron/Straightener: bringing these heat tools will help you easily style your wig before you go out with it for that fancy evening dinner.

Light compact and collapsible wig stand: This is essential for travelling with a wig. When you arrive at your hotel you can then easily store your wig and allow it to keep its shape. It is also useful for air-drying and styling purposes!

Wig Brush: For a wig brush, you can take a small rat-tail comb to comb out any tangles or part of your hair in a middle part or a side part.

A Silk Scarf Or Silk Pillowcase: Keep in mind to add a silk scarf or silk pillowcase to your luggage. Through doing, it can help you protect and retain the moisture of your hair when you sleep on a plane or sleep at night. In addition, you can put it on in case of windy days or if you are doing any sporting activities, which will prove extremely useful.

Hair Net: As a great tool that is used to pack your wig for travelling, a hairnet can help your wig maintain its shape in a carrying case or while you're wearing it on a long flight.


Some Questions About The Wig Travel Guide

Q: Do You Need To Buy a Wig Carrying Case?

A: No. If you want a super stylish option for carrying your wigs, you can always invest in a wig carrying case, but don’t feel pressured to do so.

Wig carrying cases are designed to keep your wig safe from being jostled or damaged on trips and can hold all of your wig care products, but a Ziploc bag placed in your purse or carry-on can work just as well.

Q: Should I bring different wigs for different types of weather?

A: Definitely. Wearing a wig when the weather is sweltering and humid or when you're in a very windy city is complicated and uncomfortable. Besides that, wigs can lose their style when it’s raining or if you get wet at the beach. Check the weather forecast before your trip and bring either a scarf or a hairpiece to wear in inclement weather.

Q: Will I have to take off my wig for airport security?

A: No! Wigs are just like your clothing, so airport security machines can see through your wig. It is very unlikely that TSA security would ask you to remove your wig.

The only time that you may need to remove your wig for a TSA agent is if they suspect that you may be hiding something under your wig. For this reason, it is best to avoid wearing too many metal bobby pins that could set off a sensor or raise suspicion.


If you are asked to take off your wig and don't feel comfortable doing so in front of all of the people at security - who would? - feel free to discreetly tell the TSA agent that you are wearing a wig and would like a private room. They will allow you to do this in a private room where you can take off your wig without feeling stressed.

Tips On Traveling With a Wig

When travelling with a wig, pack it in a silk travel bag to ensure that it won’t get tangled or ruined by other objects in your travel bag. If you're wearing your wig, style it in a simple and unassuming way when going through airport security and let them know that you're wearing a wig if there are combs/bobby pins that may set off metal detectors.


Arrive early. The TSA agent may ask you to remove your wig and you will go to a private room. This may take more time than you originally accounted for so make sure to arrive early enough!


Make sure your wig is easily accessible. If you have packed your wig in your carry-on luggage, make sure that it is easily accessible. This will make the checking and clearing process is quicker and easier for the TSA agent if they ask you to remove it from your carry-on luggage.


Avoid wearing complicated hairstyles and up-do's. Style your wig in a simple and unassuming way when going through airport security as this may look suspicious to the TSA agents. Remember you want to get this over with as quickly as possible and avoid having to have further checks done because it can be very time-consuming!

Always remember to pack your wig essentials in your carry-on luggage. This is so that you have them on hand during your flight. If for some reason your luggage is lost or delayed you will have all your products and tools with you so that you can still care for your wig properly and keep it looking fresh.