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Agience Oy Ltd » How To Maintain Your Body Wave Bundles Or T Part

How are T-shaped wigs different from other types of wigs?

T-shaped wigs, although considered a subcategory of lace wigs, are a completely different type of wigs from other lace wigs. Since the lace section is fixed, people who choose to wear a T-shaped wig cannot change the way the wig is separated. On the other hand, the T-shaped section offers a unique user experience. T-shaped lace offers natural class and less versatility.

Who needs T-shaped wigs?

The T part wig is designed as one type of wig for everyone. And the fact that T-Part wigs are relatively easy to install compared to other types of wigs makes them the most user-friendly wig ever. However, there are some limitations with T-shaped wigs. As mentioned earlier, the reason why they are called T-shape wigs is that the wig forms part of a T-shape through the lace. This T-section brings disadvantages and advantages which will be discussed in later sections of the article.

However, one downside worth mentioning here is the fact that the T-section makes it the perfect choice for people who are looking for a medium-length wig. Also, a T-shape wig is probably one of the cheapest wig options.It is cheaper by a large margin compared to other types of wigs.

How To Keep Your Body Wave Bundles Or Wavy?

Body wave bundles are popular in real hair wigs. Because most black women love to have long and wavy wigs. A real body wave wig is the only solution. Body wavy wigs have great curls or waves. It looks natural and elegant.

Body wave hair gives hair a natural feel. The design can be accessed. You can also curl it straight and in different ways. The body waves are in line with the flow of air, make you feel like real hair, and give you a sexy look.

Body wave bundles are also available in different colors and types like full lace frontal wig, wavy lace front wig, short body wave wig, and many more. But most users don’t know how to keep their wavy wig after washing? In this reading, you will get ideas for maintaining your natural wavy wig. It mainly depends on how well you care for and maintain the wig.

Agience Oy Ltd » How to protect your human hair wig?

  People are always wondering about the solution how to avoid damaging their curly hair in simple and effective ways. But a maximum of the time they utilize all those ways that are failing to offer the best result. In the below comment section we are going to provide you with the best solution to control your hair damage easily. If you are able to practice all those ways then you will get the amazing result for yourself.


  Every one of us knows very well that hair is one of the most important parts which can help us to increase our physical outlook and also help us to increase our fashion. If we do not maintain hair health for ourselves then we will rapidly face different types of hair-related problems every now and then. You may become bald as well if you do not control the hair damage. Moreover, if you do not want to show off your hair thinning problem then you can wear the best lace front wigs you cover your problem from the people.


  JuliaHair, focus on customers & the natural look, providing Klarna and Zip Quadpay installment Systems, credit cards, and other payments such as PayPal, Google pay, Shop Pay, and Apple pay for customers to choose their favorite human hair wigs, princess series weave hair bundles, short bob wigs, lace closure frontal with affordable and wholesale pricing. Choose our installment Systems Klarna or Zip Quadpay at checkout, use their debit or credit card, they can pay in 4 installments.


   Though there are only other wigs are also available in the market places and you can also purchase them for yourself to wear. There is a v part wig human hair that can be a suitable match for yourself to increase your style and attractiveness easily. Moreover, it will hide your hair problems as well. Keeping all these things aside here in this article we are going to discuss how to control your hair damage in simple steps. Let us see those helpful ways.


1.Choose the right hair oil

If you are not using hair oil for your hair then it is not possible to see the growth of your hair quickly and you can even face different types of hair-related troubles yourself as well.


2. Protect your hair from sun rays

Most of the time, our hair gets damaged just because of the sun rays because most of the time we have to spend a lot of time under the sunlight. As we all know that sun rays have ultraviolet within it which is one of the main reasons to damage our natural hair. 


3.Don’t let your hair wet

In addition, most people like to let their hair wet after doing shampoo or after taking a bath as well. However, this is not an appropriate idea to take care of your hair. Therefore if you want to avoid all the hair-related problems then you need to keep your hair dry as much as possible.

Agience Oy Ltd » How to Clean the Lace Wigs


Now, more and more people tend to wear lace wigs because it is the most natural wigs for people. However, after wearing lace wigs for a long time, glue and cosmetics will make lace dirty and hard. So, how to correctly clean the lace wigs is very important lesson to learn. Today Let's make some advice to help you.

The Steps of Cleaning the Lace Wig

The tools we need : Rubbing Alcohol; Cotton Ball; Shampoo; Conditioner; Small Comb; Toothbrush;

Step 1: Take off the lace wig and prepare for rubbing

Take off the wigs from your head. Then gently rub the inside and surrounding area of the wig with a cotton ball wrapped in alcohol. Or you can spray some more adhesive remover on your lace front wig to remove excess glue from the lace.

Step 2: Wash the lace wig.

After washing, gently and carefully scrub the inside of the lace front wig with a soapy toothbrush -- this is where most of the glue is. The bristles are small enough to go into all the holes. Remember to flip and scrub the front wig along the direction of the hair.

Step 3: Rinse and whip

Rinse the front of the lace wig with warm water. Make sure to whip the wig and rinse the inside of the glue. Gently repeat this step with shampoo and conditioner to soften the lace again until it looks super clean. Also, you can comb your hair with a small comb.

Step 5: Clean the wig with towel

Use a towel to remove the excess water and put the wig on a wig stand to let it air dry naturally.

Easier way to clean a lace wig

First, remove the lace wig with a towel dipped in castor oil.

Second, add boiling water to the container, and then add some washing liquid to the boiling water;

Third, place the lace wig in boiling water for at least 20 minutes.

Fourth, use a plastic bag or towel or toothbrush to scrub the lace area to remove the glue.


Now my friends, have you learnt well? Just make a try and hope this blog will be helpful for you.  while now many kinds of lace wigs are sold on our hair store. If you are interested, you can just check the hair information and place the order there.

Agience Oy Ltd » How to Wash And Care For Headband Wig

More and more girls like wearing wigs because they are easy to wear and fashionable. But we can't just wear wigs without learning how to maintain them. In fact, only good maintenance, can make your wig every time can keep natural and beautiful, prolong the use of time. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to clean and maintain a wig.

What is a headband wig

Headband wigs consist of hair bands and wigs, also known as "lace-free wigs". The headband wig is very convenient to install, just wear it on your head, use the adjusting belt on the hair cap to adapt to your head shape, and then wear it with clips. This method is simple and quick, and it is good for beginners, lazy people or office workers. It's really convenient and fast. The headband wig looks fashionable and beautiful. Moreover, the headband wig is convenient for long-term use, and it is worth buying.

How to wash headband wigs

1. When cleaning the headband wig, it is best to use a special wig comb or a wide tooth comb to gently brush the hair to avoid any knots and tangles.

2. Put the headband into cold water to moisten the wig. If you used to wear a wig over your head, please prepare some warm water to clean the wig to remove excess oil, sweat or other impurities.

3. Wash your hair thoroughly with cold water from top to bottom to ensure that all traces of shampoo are washed away. In addition, we think that it is better to wash the headband with shampoo, just like washing clothes.

4. Absorb water with a towel, and then evenly apply a small amount of high-quality hair conditioner on the wig to keep the hair healthy. Finally, rinse with cool tap water. Of course, the headband does not need some conditioner to clean.

How to care a headband wig

1, When you don't wear a wig, you should put him down. You can clean it, remove the tangles, apply some conditioner, and then use the wig holder to maintain its shape, which can maintain the color and health of the headband wig.

2, Many often go to the seaside tourism, however, excessive sunshine, salt water and chlorine will do irreversible damage to your head wig. We should go swimming in the sea and sunning ourselves less with wigs.

3, Pls don't wear a wig to sleep at night, because the friction between the pillow and hair easily make hair tangle and curly. You can take it off before you go to bed at night, and put it on early in the morning. If you are still in trouble, you can put a nightcap on yourself to protect your hair.


Dear, hope you can learn well to care and wash one headband wig. And dear, our hair store have the great headband wigs in stock on the hot sales now. You can just check it on our website and place order there.

Agience Oy Ltd » Do you want to know some introductions about lace part wig?

Lace part virgin human hair is making waves in the beauty world, with more than 150000 people posting and counting on Instagram or Pinterest or some other social media.  The lace part Wig is extremely easy to wear.  One 100% virgin hair wig ergonomic are designed suitable for everyone. All you need to do is put the hair Wig over your head and adjust the snaps on either side to hold some messed hair. There is also an adjustable band on the back that can be used to adjust the tightness, and just subtract the extra lace part on the front finally. All this ensures that you can put on this human hair quickly. Its high quality also ensures that it can be worn for a long time. 

The hair Wig is ombre dyeing with all kinds of colors. When you want to dye a bright and colorful hairstyle but fear that will damage your own original hair, one wig would be your best choice. It is also glue-free, which may prevent bad-quality glue from damaging your health and protect your head skin. The lace part or frontal could protect your own hair well, while you can have beautiful hair. 

One Body wave Wig is very light and eye-catching, it is a trending product. This Wig makes women fashionable and inspirational. It is suitable for any occasion, whether you are participating in a party, going to work or attending a date with your boyfriend. I ensure that he will love you more with a Wig human hairstyle.


Agience Oy Ltd » Klaiyi Hair Announces Their Brand Day Sale

Klaiyi hair brand has officially announced the dates of its Brand Day Sale. Klaiyi is a global brand that deals with various human hair products. During this event, customers from all parts of the world can purchase any hair product they want at incredibly cheaper prices, and the product will be delivered to them because Klaiyi offers flash delivery worldwide.

If you are looking for high-quality hair products at reasonable prices, Klaiyi is your ideal hair brand. That’s because it is well known for its high-quality, unprocessed hair products. And another interesting thing is that this global hair brand offers a wide selection of hairs in different styles, colors, and lengths to suit its customers’ needs and preferences.

“As a global brand, we are glad to announce to our customers our exciting Brand Day Sale, which will allow our customers from different parts of the world to buy our high-quality hair products at cheaper prices, allowing them to save even more. The event will run from January 4th to January 7th,” stated Klaiyi spokesperson.

“We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality hair at very reasonable prices that they won’t find anywhere, and what’s more, we will deliver your hair products right on time without any delays”, continued the spokesperson.

So if you are looking to purchase any type of wig, weave, or hair bundles, you need to take advantage of these crazy offers during this event. During this Klaiyi Brand Day Sale, you will be able to save $20 for orders over $99. You can use the code: Brand20 to enjoy this offer. And if your order is over $179, you will save up to $40. Use the code: Brand40 to take advantage of the offer. There will also be an $89.99 flash sale for lace part wig and an $88.99 flash sale for 6 hair bundles.

If you are planning to buy a human hair wig, weave, or hair bundles this January, this event suits you well. Not only will you be able to choose from a variety of wigs, but you will be able to save a substantial amount of money that you can use on another important thing such as your hobby.

Klaiyi hair is 100% human hair, so they are not processed in any way. If you purchase a water wave hair or any other type of frontal wig, you are guaranteed that it will last longer.

If you are into colored wigs, Klaiyi got you covered. That’s because it has numerous colored wigs that you can choose from. For instance, there are 613 lace wigs you can choose from. And if you are looking for a perfect fall wig, you will readily find them.

Curly lace front wigs are currently the best wigs in the market today, and you can grab them during this event. Additionally, if you prefer a transparent lace wig because of its natural look, you can get it as well because Klaiyi has stocked them in plenty during this Brand Day Sale.

About Klaiyi Hair Brand

Klaiyi Hair is undoubtedly one of the best hair brands in the market. It is based in China and is a leading hair company in human hair products. The company was established in 2009. Since its launch, Klaiyi has been providing its customers with 100% high-quality Remy hair products. And not only that, Klaiyi Hair is well-known for its affordable prices on its hair products. The brand serves various markets, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Agience Oy Ltd » what hairstyle wigs do you want to take?

How many wigs do you need to pack? what hairstyle do you want to take?

Longer hairstyles, such as long hair with a centre part or a layered bob, will be harder to pack. You may want to consider buying two ombre human hair wigs of the same hairstyle for your trip if they are long enough so that if one gets damaged, you have a spare.

However, if you want to have a wonderful, I really suggest taking more wigs, the different wigs can be suitable with more clothes to make yourself be more attractive.


West Kiss Hair wigs have a variety of types for black women, such as lace front wigs, headband wigs, lace part wigs, u part wigs, v part wigs, short bob wigs, HD lace wigs in any style and color for your choice.

Short hair like a bob lace wig is easier to pack because in general, the shorter the hairstyle of the wig on the head, the smaller it is. A long bob will be harder than a bob wig with bangs. So, if you plan to travel with short hair, then take quite a few short hair wigs with you just in case one of them gets damaged during transportation.

What Are Wig Care Products and Tools To Consider Bringing?

A wide-tooth comb: remember to gently brush your wig after every time you use it and before you put your wig on the stand.

Wig Shampoo & Conditioner: Your wig might get wet or dirty during your trip so it's a good idea to wash it. It can be tempting to use the hotel's 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner to wash your wig, but it's best to bring travel-size separate shampoo and conditioner bottles which will be kinder to your wig.


Curling iron/Straightener: bringing these heat tools will help you easily style your wig before you go out with it for that fancy evening dinner.

Light compact and collapsible wig stand: This is essential for travelling with a wig. When you arrive at your hotel you can then easily store your wig and allow it to keep its shape. It is also useful for air-drying and styling purposes!

Wig Brush: For a wig brush, you can take a small rat-tail comb to comb out any tangles or part of your hair in a middle part or a side part.

A Silk Scarf Or Silk Pillowcase: Keep in mind to add a silk scarf or silk pillowcase to your luggage. Through doing, it can help you protect and retain the moisture of your hair when you sleep on a plane or sleep at night. In addition, you can put it on in case of windy days or if you are doing any sporting activities, which will prove extremely useful.

Hair Net: As a great tool that is used to pack your wig for travelling, a hairnet can help your wig maintain its shape in a carrying case or while you're wearing it on a long flight.


Some Questions About The Wig Travel Guide

Q: Do You Need To Buy a Wig Carrying Case?

A: No. If you want a super stylish option for carrying your wigs, you can always invest in a wig carrying case, but don’t feel pressured to do so.

Wig carrying cases are designed to keep your wig safe from being jostled or damaged on trips and can hold all of your wig care products, but a Ziploc bag placed in your purse or carry-on can work just as well.

Q: Should I bring different wigs for different types of weather?

A: Definitely. Wearing a wig when the weather is sweltering and humid or when you're in a very windy city is complicated and uncomfortable. Besides that, wigs can lose their style when it’s raining or if you get wet at the beach. Check the weather forecast before your trip and bring either a scarf or a hairpiece to wear in inclement weather.

Q: Will I have to take off my wig for airport security?

A: No! Wigs are just like your clothing, so airport security machines can see through your wig. It is very unlikely that TSA security would ask you to remove your wig.

The only time that you may need to remove your wig for a TSA agent is if they suspect that you may be hiding something under your wig. For this reason, it is best to avoid wearing too many metal bobby pins that could set off a sensor or raise suspicion.


If you are asked to take off your wig and don't feel comfortable doing so in front of all of the people at security - who would? - feel free to discreetly tell the TSA agent that you are wearing a wig and would like a private room. They will allow you to do this in a private room where you can take off your wig without feeling stressed.

Tips On Traveling With a Wig

When travelling with a wig, pack it in a silk travel bag to ensure that it won’t get tangled or ruined by other objects in your travel bag. If you're wearing your wig, style it in a simple and unassuming way when going through airport security and let them know that you're wearing a wig if there are combs/bobby pins that may set off metal detectors.


Arrive early. The TSA agent may ask you to remove your wig and you will go to a private room. This may take more time than you originally accounted for so make sure to arrive early enough!


Make sure your wig is easily accessible. If you have packed your wig in your carry-on luggage, make sure that it is easily accessible. This will make the checking and clearing process is quicker and easier for the TSA agent if they ask you to remove it from your carry-on luggage.


Avoid wearing complicated hairstyles and up-do's. Style your wig in a simple and unassuming way when going through airport security as this may look suspicious to the TSA agents. Remember you want to get this over with as quickly as possible and avoid having to have further checks done because it can be very time-consuming!

Always remember to pack your wig essentials in your carry-on luggage. This is so that you have them on hand during your flight. If for some reason your luggage is lost or delayed you will have all your products and tools with you so that you can still care for your wig properly and keep it looking fresh.

Agience Oy Ltd » Which Typical Long Wigs Recommendations for Women?

West kiss hair long lace front wigs with a more natural look and beauty, a long hd lace wig which let you have real hair feel, long 613 blonde wigs, can make you more fashionable and lovely.

1)Long Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are the most popular type of lace wigs in West Kiss Hair. Every lace front wig has a 13 inches wide lace frontal that can cover a human’s forehead from ear to ear. Everyone can have a complete and natural hairline easier. There are two types of lace frontal wigs: 13x4 lace frontal wigs and 13x6 lace frontal wigs. These two lace front wigs are about the same. The main difference is the depth of lace frontals. A 13x6 lace frontal wig has a 6 inches deep lace frontal that is deeper than a 13x4 lace front wig. In general, a lace front human hair wig is a good choice for most people with good performance and price.

2)Long HD Lace Wigs

After finishing talking about the lace size, we are going to talk about the type of lace. HD lace wigs are made of HD laces and 100% human virgin hair. The HD lace is an upgraded version, it is different from other common Swiss laces. HD laces are ultra-thin, ultra-light, and more transparent. A long HD lace wig can melt into all skin colours and no more lace tinting. A natural and invisible hairline also can help you to get a more real and perfect wig look. Having a long human hair wig with hd lace frontal with bundles is a great value-for-money choice for you.

3)Long 613 Blonde Wigs

If you are tired of the common natural black hair colour and want to make some change. 613 blonde wigs are suitable for you. 613 blonde is a shining and bright hair colour that can offer people a different feeling. Attractive hair colour with a long beautiful hairstyle, what a perfect match.

Compared to short hair wigs, long hair wigs tangle easily. When considering washing and caring, long wigs also are more difficult than short wigs. In order to use a long wig for a longer time, please kindly note the following care tips.

1) Use a wide-teeth comb to brush your long wig from the bottom to the top.

2) Use essential oils to massage and care hair regularly.

3) Wash long wigs more gently with lukewarm water.

4) Don’t do too much perm or colouring.

5) Choose air dry.

6) Don’t sleep with your long wigs every day.



long human hair wig

Most customers like hair wigs that have more than 20 inches long hair length, up to 40-inch hair. So West kiss hair tells you some reasons why human hair long wigs are popular by women and girls.

1)Long Hair More Fashionable

Recently, it's becoming fashionable to have long hair again. More celebrities begin to have a long hairstyle. So the normal women also start to chase the fashion of long hair. But growing your own human hair from short hair to long hair takes a lot of time. Most people will choose to buy a long wig directly. Then you can have a new long hair look immediately.

2)Long Hair Length More Beautiful And Natural

For appearance, a long hair wig can bring a different feeling to people from a short bob wig. Short hairstyles often make people look chic and clean. A long hair wig can help you become more beautiful and natural. A classic long hairstyle never goes wrong. It is suitable for any occasion.

3)Long Hair Length More Look Tall And Slim

A long hair affordable closure wig is very important for people to look tall and slim. People have a tall and slender body with long hair always stands out in the crowd.

4)Long Hair More Easy Matching

A long hairstyle is probably the easiest one for the match, which can experiment with any face shape, hair colour, and hair texture.

Agience Oy Ltd » What Types Of Curly Hair Wigs Do You Want ?

Some tips for wearing a lace front 

1. Check the hair before putting it on

Do remember to check the wigs when you take them out of the package. Especially when you buy wigs online, wigs could be damaged or affected during long shipping and packaging. You should examine the style and shape of the new wig to see whether the buyer sent you the wrong product or just damaged goods. And you should have a sniff of the newly arrived wig, you could find it smelly. Little smell is acceptable because usually the wig was proceeded with chemicals to keep the style or color and the smell can disappear after a while or a wash. So you should prepare wig shampoo and conditioner.

2. Secure your natural hair

You need to create a flat surface on your hair by braiding the hair in cornrows or plaits. Since it's a lace front wig, some hair vendors offer some combs inside of the wig and an elastic band behind the wig to adjust the size and prevent wigs from falling off your head. And sometimes you should apply wig glue so that the wig stays put, although there are glueless wigs that are less messy.

3. Take care of your own natural hair

You may suffer from dryness, breakage, and hair loss if you don't have routine maintenance when you wear your wig for a long time. Your scalp and natural hair should be given a complete and regular cleansing and deep conditioning. And remember the lace front wig is temporary and the expiration date depends on the wig glue. So you should pay attention to the wig glue types which are made for short or long use. 

Find out more lace front wigs at and tips from UNice hair blogs.

Agience Oy Ltd » What Types Of Curly Hair Wigs Do You Want ?

                                                9 Hairstyles For Your Curly Wig

  • After receiving the perfect texture curly hair wigs that you bought from local stores or you are trying to buy wigs online.You are definitely thrilled about it. But when looking at yourself in the mirror after wearing it for the first time or later days, you might find that the hair feels a little bulky, or the side layers are just not my style now. It reminds you that it's time to change the look or style of your curly hair. So let's have a try to slay the curly wigs by typing the questions into Google or leaving it to the experts. The curly hair wigs have different ways to wear, you don't always have to stuck with the hairstyle which you are already tired of.


  • So here are some hairstyles for your curly wigs.


  • Middle parting. To do your hair with a rat tail comb to finish the middle part, it's friendly for beginners.

  • To do a side part. A side parting can help to frame your face and transform your hair look. If you've previously had a middle parting, changing to a side parting is a great way to introduce a new style. But doing it wrong may swoop over your eye to cause inconvenience.

  • The third hairstyle is to twist the front back, leave a little edge out to make your hair look more natural. Remembering pinning the front part with pins sticking up a little on the side.

  • Half-up half-down with a ponytail. This curly hairstyle can make your hair look more full and just like your real hair.

  • Half-up half-down with a bun at the top of your hair. It is similar to the way of doing the fourth hairstyle.

  • Curly hair with two ponytails on each side. It makes you look younger and really can help you pull off a skirt.

  • Curly hair with two buns, you just take the hair and wrap it around with patience and carefulness to make a beautiful and neat bun, or you can make it messy if you prefer.

  • Two braids, it is almost the way as you do the two buns or two ponytails, the different part is that you should do two cornrows.

  • Curly wigs with bangs. Sometimes curls are best enhanced with bands. You can twist the hair to help your bangs look nice by encouraging the curls to sit where you want them.


  • In the end, the most important part and the first step after knowing how to style the curly wigs are to Have a nice quality curly hair wig that can inspire you or your hairstylist to be creative.