Cloud'N' Concepts and Terminology


"Service delivery platform based on the Algorithms-as-a-Service concept"

Algorithms-as-a-Service (AaaS)

"Collection of data refining services made available via Internet for reasonable usage-based cost."

Data Refining Service

"Access to a solution via Internet based interface as agreed in a contract."


"Instance of an algorithm configured for some specific use case."


"Data refining process beneficial to at least some customers."

Solution Benefit

"Solution benefit = (output data value) - (input data value)"

Solution Input

"Data available to a customer and satisfying the input specification of a solution"

Solution Output

"Data needed by a customer and satisfying the output specification of a solution"

Data Value

"Subjective estimate of the monetary consequences raised by the data over time."

Solution Pricing

"Less than solution benefit."

Use Case

"Specific real world application requiring data refining."

Data Refining

"Attempt to increase data value by performing a sequence of data processing steps."

Data Processing Step

"Operation transforming data by actions such as converting, filtering, combining, ordering, expanding or compressing."


"Illustrative demonstration of algorithm capabilities."


"Some day in the future. When used to indicate the time when a new feature or document will be released, the exact value of 'soon' depends heavily on user feedback. Lack of feedback may cause that 'soon' will never happen. On the other hand, even a small amount of positive feedback may cause 'soon' to happen 'really soon'."


"Fixed-term opportunity to purchase access to a solution."


"Usage terms agreed when purchasing access to a solution."

Service Interface

"Means for using a solution by triggering transactions"


"User who has made at least one deposit."


"Person who has a profile at Cloud'N'"


"Information and settings related to a user."


"User related bookkeeping of deposits and charges to determine balance."


"Total amount of money on an account enabling solution usage."


"Payment to Cloud'N'Sci Ltd increasing the balance of an account."


"Delivery of data to be processed as defined in a contract."


"Data generated by an algorithm when performing a request."


"Request related operations for generating the desired result."

Transaction Fee

"Fee charged from account after successful transaction."

Initial Fee

"Fee charged from account when signing a contract."

Algorithm Provider

"Owner of the intellectual properties of an algorithm."

Algorithm Architect

"Algorithm architecture designer also responsible for solution maintenance and support."

Algorithm Architecture

"Modular design of an algorithm"

Algorithm Developer

"Person involved in developing modules used in algorithm architectures."

Algorithm Module

"Software implementation of a general-purpose data processing step."


"Digital information processed or generated by algorithm modules."


"Well-documented syntactic and semantic properties of data."