Three-dimensional heatmap visualization generated with the HeatMiner algorithm developed by Agience Oy Ltd.

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HeatMiner visualizations comprise three separate files:

  • heatminer-heatmap.ahm: Contains the actual 3d-visualization model in proprietary binary file format. Delivered to you by Cloud'N'Sci.fi as a result to your visualization request.
  • heatminerview6.jar: HeatMinerView Java applet capable of viewing HeatMiner visualizations (.ahm files). Downloadable from http://cloudnsci.fi/agience/lib/heatminerview6.jar and free to use.
  • heatminer-heatmap.jnlp: Executable JNLP (Java Network Launch Protocol) file which downloads the latest Java3d libraries and launches the HeatMinerView applet. Delivered to you by Cloud'N'Sci.fi together with the .ahm file.

The names of the files may vary depending on the visualization use case, but file extensions always remain the same.

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