Tabulator separated text file wherein each row contains a geographic location given as longitude and latitude coordinates and some value associated to that specific location. The first row of the file must contain the names of the columns.

Syntax Example

The following example data represents the geolocations and populations of three big cities. Tabulator characters are marked as \t.


Example data

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You can easily save excel worksheets as tabulator separated text files compatible with the GeographicData1 specification. For example, open the excel file below and then select 'save as' from the file menu. Then change the 'save as type' by selecting option 'Text (tab delimited) (*.txt)' from the list and press the 'save' button.

In case your excel file contains more than 3 columns or the order of the columns is different, simply copy the columns one by one to another worksheet in the correct order and then save that worksheet using the 'save as' trick.

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