Mask-O-Matic Demo

It was a beautiful sunny day by the river when an elephant suddenly appeared right in front of my camera - Click!

Fake photo of an elephant by a river

Fake photo of an elephant by a river

After a while, the elephant returned to the forest and I took another photo from exactly the same position. Unfortunately, this photo was not quite as accurate, but I was confident that the Mask-O-Matic masking algorithm could handle the noise just fine.

Photo without the elephant

Blurred background photo without the elephant

Impatiently I took my laptop, opened the web browser, logged into Cloud'N' and submitted a new Mask-O-Matic data refining request using the two photos as input data. After few seconds the results were ready for download. And there it was - a well masked photo of my elephant!

Masked elephant. The background was automatically removed by Mask-O-Matic

Background removed by Mask-O-Matic

Thanks Mask-O-Matic!