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Have you ever tried to remove unwanted background from a photo to prepare it for web pages or other publications? Then you know how hard it can be - especially if your target object has complex boundaries and the background is full of colorful patterns. Mask-O-Matic can make your life easier by masking photos automatically!

Mask-O-Matic is based on color fingerprint matching and works with any kind of backgrounds no matter how complex or colorful. Just ensure that your background color patterns are slightly different from the actual target.

Mask-O-Matic Duo

Mask-O-Matic Duo is based on a reference photo showing only the background. It takes two photos as input - the actual photo and the reference photo - and compares their color fingerprints to determine which parts of the photo belong to background and should be masked away. Photos must have identical dimensions and image file extensions should be jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, tif or tiff.

For the best performance, use a static camera with a remote trigger. Try also to keep lighting and other conditions unchanged between the photos.


Release Notes


Help Agience in developing Mask-O-Matic even better by giving us feedback! If you find cases wherein masking quality is not satisfactory, send those photos to Agience and describe the problem. We will then add them into our test image repository to ensure that future development goes into the right direction.