Problems with Java 7

Launching the HeatMinerViewApplet may fail if you are using Java 7. Luckily, the problem is easy to fix by modifying the JNLP file returned by current HeatMiner solutions at the Cloud'N'Sci.fi marketplace. Simply open the jnlp file delivered as a result with any text editor, find a line containing text <j2se version ="1.6+" ..., remove the '+' character after version number 1.6, save the file and try again. This bug will be fixed in the next major HeatMiner release published in March 2013.

Installing Java 3D extension

In case your browser asks whether you want to install Java extension named "Java 3D 1.5.2", click Yes. It is needed by the HeatMinerView Java 3D applet to view the 3d heatmaps created with the HeatMiner visual data mining tool. You need to do this only once when starting the applet for the first time.

Problems after Java update?

Sometimes the HeatMinerView Java 3D applet used in HeatMiner demos stops working after Java update. Java complains about unsigned application although the signatures are OK. Clearing the Java cache usually helps...

Expired certificate warnings?

In case you have tried viewing HeatMiner demo applets earlier, your Java cache might contain jar-files with expired certificate causing security warning. If you see this happening, clear the Java cache to force your browser to reload the files with fresh certificates.

HeatMinerView on Mac OS X

There are known issues running HeatMinerView on Mac OS X systems. More detailed explanation of the problem and solutions can be found here.

Other Problems?

Please send email to Pauli Misikangas.