Visual Patterns

The easiest way to understand complex patterns in numeric data is to visualize the data. Human eye and brain can immediately recognize visual patterns and tell how they differ from another visualization based on another set of data.

In this example, HeatMiner® is given this file as an input. The data comprises complex xyz-patterns which would be extremely hard to recognize and understand by other means (normal visualizations, statistical analysis). HeatMiner visualization reveals the pattern from the first sight - it's a KNOT!

Complex xyz-pattern visualized by HeatMiner

3D-heatmap visualization requires Java3D support from your browser. If you don't have it, here is a snapshot image:


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Some of these great HeatMiner® heatmap visualizations are now available as-a-Service at the Cloud'N'Sci.fi algorithm marketplace. Go to the HeatMiner homepage and create heatmaps from your own data using free evaluation campaigns! New heatmap types and demos are introduced frequently at the new HeatMiner wiki pages so keep an eye on it for updates.

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