Heatmaps With Background Graphics

Sometimes interpreting heatmaps is much easier if you display some other graphics in the same view. For example, when visualizing location-based business data, you might want to see country outlines and office locations in addition to the business values illustrated as a heatmap on the map. Or maybe you just have some background graphics you would like see together with the heatmap to highlight your brand or some important aspects?

With HeatMiner®, that's no problem! Simply represent all relevant background/foreground graphics as a world-wide image using equirectangular projection. For example, use this blank world map (generated with HeatMiner, free to use) as a starting point and edit it with your favourite tool (e.g Photoshop, GIMP). HeatMiner can then create a 2D or 3D heatmap with the given background image.

Heatmaps can also be drawn on Google Maps view. Just send in your coordinates and HeatMiner will generate a Google Maps based heatmap web page for you. The heatmap is implemented as high quality vector graphics which makes viewing fast and guarantees identical appearance on each zoom level.

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Take a look at the HeatMiner Gallery for visual data mining case studies using Google Maps as background graphics for heatmaps. For example, the heatmap below shows deer crash densities in Finland.

Deer crashes in Finland 2007-2011 visualized as a HeatMiner heatmap on Google Maps. Based on open data published by the Finnish Transport Agency.

Mixing information from different sources into single view often helps to understand the big picture much better than viewing the same data separately. Therefore, it may be a good idea to use an existing geographic heatmap as a background and add data from another source to the same image with HeatMiner. For example, the 3d-heatmap below was generated using a background image showing 2d-heatmap of sea surface temperature available at Space Science and Engineering Center. In case you happen to have data correlating with sea temperature, HeatMiner could show it in the same view.

SSEC 2D-heatmap of sea surface temperature converted to 3D by HeatMiner®, the visual data mining technology by Agience Oy Ltd

Why should the planet be viewed as a boring ball? HeatMiner can take advantage of the 3d technology and create "mountains" and "valleys" making the visualized phenomena easier to understand. For example, the following heatmap shows web site visitor locations wherein the mightiest mountains indicate regions with the highest visitor density and the world map used as a background image takes care of geographic details. The map image can be customized with any drawing tool - for example, visualize your global marketing strategy together with the current web visibility! By the way, this visualization type is now available at Cloud'N'Sci.fi - take a look at the Visitor Location Heatmap pages to learn more or go straight to the algorithm marketplace to try it!

Web site visitor location heatmap created by HeatMiner using data exported from Google Analytics

Background images can be used to create great visual effects as well. For example, the following geographic heatmap was created by using a background map showing Earth's city lights found from the Visible Earth catalog by NASA and adding a heatmap visualizing population of the biggest cities.

Earth's city lights image combined to city population heatmap; Generated with HeatMiner®, the visual data mining technology by Agience Oy Ltd

Background images are also a great way to cheer up otherwise somewhat boring statistical summary. Have you ever seen as fascinating sine curves as in these pictures...?

heatminer-bgimg-demo-1 heatminer-bgimg-demo-2 heatminer-bgimg-demo3

Foreground graphics

Foreground graphics (drawn above the heatmap) are equally easy to add. Just select one of the colors as a background color and HeatMiner® treats it as transparent, showing only the heatmap in places covered with the background color. In any other place, HeatMiner will display whatever is drawn to the foreground image. For example, the HeatMiner logo shown below was created by using this foreground image when generating a cool-looking variance heatmap visualizing Earth elevation variance.

HeatMiner® logo

Try HeatMiner!

Some of these great HeatMiner® heatmap visualizations are now available as-a-Service at the Cloud'N'Sci.fi algorithm marketplace. Go to the HeatMiner homepage and create heatmaps from your own data using free evaluation campaigns! New heatmap types and demos are introduced frequently at the new HeatMiner wiki pages so keep an eye on it for updates.

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