Visitor Location Heatmaps


The HeatMiner® visual data mining technology developed by Agience Oy Ltd can visualize web site visitor locations as a three-dimensional heatmap. Visitor counts are indicated both with colors and heights on a 3D world map as shown in the picture on the right. This eases understanding the overall situation and makes your visitor report visually much more interesting.

In order to create heatmaps, you need to collect statistics of your web site visits with some other tool first. Currently HeatMiner supports visitor location reports which could earlier be exported from Google Analytics (GA) in TSV format (tabulator separated text file). Unfortunately, Google changed the export functionality later so that city coordinates are no longer available. We are looking for an alternative solution to get the coordinates...

When visitor report is delivered to HeatMiner through one of the Cloud'N'Sci.fi interfaces (web GUI, email, REST API), the algorithm will create a 3d model based on the Earth topology, city coordinates and visitor counts per city. Instead of drawing a simple 3d histogram (pile on each city), HeatMiner applies a special smoothing technique wherein visitor counts are propagated in city neighborhoods to create a smooth overview. This highlights the regions where you really have the most visitors while still keeping the minor details such as new growth areas visible.

Web site visitor location heatmap created by HeatMiner using data exported from Google Analytics

The value/color/height shown by HeatMiner at some specific location is not the absolute visitor count listed in the reports nor an average of visitor counts in nearby cities. Instead, Heatminer visualizes the density of people visiting your site in that region. So, areas with the mightiest "mountains" are probably the ones where you have succeed in marketing.

See the demo to learn more or try it with your own data at Cloud'N'Sci.fi.


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