Visitor Location Heatmap Demo

Web site visitor statistics are usually kept as confidential business secrets. Therefore, in order to demonstrate HeatMiner Visitor Location Heatmaps, we made a simple tool which creates simulated visitor counts and outputs them in the same TSV format as Google Analytics. Simulated visit counts are based on city populations spiced with some random elements. The simulation tool does not take into account Internet availability in different countries which may result in somewhat unusual web activity statistics. Nevertheless, these visitor reports are perfect for demonstrating heatmap visualizations.

In this demo, we used the following visitor report generated with the simulation:

The report contains visitor counts for 500 cities in a simple tabulator separated text format. Below you can see a small sample of the file content.

# ----------------------------------------
# simulatedsite.com
# Location
# 20110101-20110701
# ----------------------------------------

City	latitude	longitude	Visits
tokyo	35.685	139.7513889	199
istanbul	41.018611	28.964722	187
lagos	6.4530556	3.3958333	168
shanghai	31.005	121.4086111	114
kinshasa	-4.3	15.3	105
mexico	19.434167	-99.138611	102
manila	14.604167	120.982222	94
seoul	37.5663889	126.9997222	87
bangkok	13.75	100.516667	75
kano	11.9963889	8.5166667	72

When the TSV file is sent to the HeatMiner algorithm using one of the Cloud'N'Sci.fi interfaces (web GUI, email, REST API), it creates the following three-dimensional heatmap. The visualization is delivered as an executable JNLP file which downloads and launches the actual HeatMinerView Java 3d Applet. You can view the visualization instantly in any computer supporting Java 3d! Click the link below the image to view the applet which can be rotated and zoomed with mouse. Please note that the applet requires Java 3D support from your browser and downloads several megabytes of data.

Web site visitor location heatmap created by HeatMiner using data exported from Google Analytics

Click to view as a Java 3D applet


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