Release Notes 3

ProviderAgience Oy Ltd
Release date2011-09-28

General notes

  • Several minor improvements.
  • New visualization type 'RGB Heatmap' added
  • In some cases, the ahm-file generated by HeatMiner is very large (>5Mb) which may cause out-of-memory exception when launching the HeatMinerView applet. There are simply so many 3d-objects to visualize that the default 512Mb memory limit is not enough. The workaround is to edit the jnlp-file and increase the memory limit (the -Xmx parameter). We'll try to create a smarter solution to this problem in the later versions.
  • See also general release notes of the previous versions 1.0.0 and 1.1.0 - they are still valid.

RGB Heatmaps

  • Support to RgbHeatmaps added!
  • Visualization parameters such as granularity, colors, peak heights and background map are fixed to general-purpose defaults. Please contact Agience Oy Ltd to activate custom settings optimized for your data.

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