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Traffic noise in Helsinki visualized as a HeatMiner heatmap on Google Maps

HeatMiner® heatmaps will soon be available also on Google Maps! Just send in your coordinates and HeatMiner will generate a Google Maps based geographic heatmap web page for you. The heatmap is implemented as high quality vector graphics which makes viewing fast and guarantees identical appearance on each zoom level.

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You can now generate open data based heatmaps on Google Maps with the Heatmaps4Finland application. Free evaluation available.

Create heatmaps on Google Maps with the Heatmaps4Finland application

Would you like to see your data as a heatmap on Google Maps?

HeatMiner® is a commercial visual data mining tool that is available as-a-Service via the Cloud'N'Sci.fi marketplace. Currently, we are serving only pilot customers, but public general-purpose solutions for generating Google Maps based heatmaps will be released at some point.

We are looking for new pilot customers who would like to visualize data as a heatmap. In case you are interested, please contact Pauli Misikangas.

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