Geographic Heatmap Demo

In order to demonstrate HeatMiner Geographic Heatmaps in practice, we extracted sea surface temperature measurements from images available at SSEC web pages and presented the measurements as a three-column text file as required in the the input specification of HeatMiner Geographic Heatmaps solution. Some sample rows of the resulting data file are shown below.

Longitude	Latitude	Temperature
-179.6667	85.4182	28.3728
-114	-2.9455	73.6391
23.6667	-34.3636	65.6509
68.3333	74.6182	36.3845
157.6667	-5.2364	85.2367

This kind of file can be sent to the HeatMiner algorithm via Cloud'N'Sci.fi and as a result you get a HeatMiner heatmap. The snapshot image below shows the visualization generated from our sea temperature data. Click the link below the image to view a 3D applet which can be rotated by mouse. Please note that the applet requires Java 3D support from your browser and downloads several megabytes of data.

3d heatmap of sea surface temperature

Click to view as a Java 3D applet

By default, HeatMiner uses the world map shown below as a background image, but any map given in the equirectangular projection can be used. Please contact Agience Oy Ltd if you wish to use a custom map or some other visualization parameters optimized for your data.

The default background image in geographic heatmaps

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