Algorithm Architects

Algorithm architects solve real world data refining needs by designing algorithm architectures made of multipurpose algorithm modules. They are visionary and skilled computer scientists who can:

  1. Generalize specific data refining tasks to match common needs;
  2. Divide the overall challenge into solvable sub-problems;
  3. Find a suitable algorithm or developer for each step; and
  4. Combine pieces together to achieve the desired solution.

Algorithm architect may participate implementation of algorithm modules, but not necessarily. He/she is more like a team leader or project manager who has a vision and takes care of the big picture letting developers focus on implementing concrete data processing steps.

Among algorithm developers, algorithm modules are sometimes called "science legos" (scilego) which illustrates well the overall principle of solution designing. Following this metaphor, algorithm architect is like "an innovative child playing with the legos and building fabulous structures from those simple elements".

The Beginner's Guide for Algorithm Architects teaches you to design algorithm architectures and publish them as commercial data refining solutions at the Cloud'N' marketplace.

The Beginner's Guide for Algorithm Architects presentation by Cloud'N'Sci CEO Pauli Misikangas at SlideShare