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Cloud'N'Sci Ltd. is a Finnish company founded in 2010 with a single goal in mind: to turn algorithms into business. We believe that algorithms are real pieces of gold - and a missed business opportunity. No easy way exists to commercialize algorithms, so they are forgotten into research chambers or published for free. Rarely does any new algorithm end up into real world applications due to integration challenges and even when it does, the original developer gets nothing. Cloud'N'Sci aims to fix this grievance and become the middleman between those who can and those who need.

The Algorithms-as-a-Service (AaaS) concept developed by Cloud'N'Sci provides an irresistible business model for both algorithm developers and users. The Cloud'N' marketplace offers algorithm developers a shortcut to global markets and makes their algorithms available to a wide range of business applications. Algorithmic power is provided to users as data refining services which transform raw data to benefit without manual steps simply data in, data out. This eases application integration and protects developer IPR by keeping algorithmic innovations secured inside the servers. Application developers benefit from the algorithm marketplace through reduced R&D costs and risks, improved data quality and rapid market launch of new analysis functionality. Low production costs and high sales potential allows pricing reasonable even for individual users.

Thanks to the AaaS concept, algorithmic solutions can be offered and evaluated at low risk and expenses. When a perfect match is found between a use case and a solution, the customer and the algorithm provider may enter into a long-term mutual commitment. The solid legal framework behind Cloud'N'Sci agreements guarantees that further negotiations can go as deep as necessary.

It is a win-win for all parties: developers, users and Cloud'N'Sci. If this isn't a healthy business, then what is?

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